PayPal Battle Hack in Moscow: Xsolla Story

Battle Hack PayPalOn September 7-8th, Digital October Center in Moscow hosted Battle Hack, the first global PayPal hackathon. Earlier this year it was held in Berlin, New York, Tel Aviv, Seattle, and Miami; more battles will take place in Austin, London, Washington and Barcelona.

This event encourages developers to create something that would have a positive effect on their local environment and, of course, to battle. The winning team in each of the ten cities will be flown to San Jose, CA to participate in a final competition and win a grand prize of $100,000.

There was no way for Xsolla team to miss such an opportunity. Vitaly Zakharov, Andrey Salnikov, Renat Bilalov and Oleg Anferov — all from Xsolla R&D center in Perm, Russia — went to Moscow to participate and try their luck.

Xsolla at Battle Hack

Eventune Project

Eventune login page

The idea to create a service for group trips has long been on the mind of Xsolla team members, and Battle Hack was a great opportunity to do it. Named Eventune, the service allows to easily organize group trips, split expenses and pay in one click via PayPal.

Vkontakte and Facebook-enabled login allows for easy access and default options make it easy to plan a trip. Available choices include Rafting, Biking, BBQ, Party and Picnic, all with a short list of must-have items. Custom trips can be created and new items can be added. Invites are enabled via e-mail, and event participants can select the items they are willing to pay for, as well as request others to take the items for them. One-click payments and expenses splitting option are enabled via PayPal.

Eventune tripsEventune items list

Unfortunately, the Eventune project did not win the first prize at Battle Hack in Moscow. It, however, was marked by John Lunn, global director at PayPal, who said that the idea behind Eventune has great potential.

Other projects presented at Battle Hack in Moscow included: Park My Ride, Profit Button, Donate to Translate, CasePark, Instagram Shop, CoPay, Meat & Eat, and many more. The winning project was TalkingCity, beacons with useful information that help visually impaired people get oriented in shops and other spots. Good luck in San Jose!

Xsolla team plans to work further on the Eventune project and is looking for investments to continue.

Eventune presentation video is available in Russian. Click here to view it.

Xsolla at Battle Hack

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