Xsolla Introduces “Greenlight” for Payment Options

There are thousands of payment methods out there, with some of them being global and others — local. There is not a single player that pays the same way as the other. This is why it is extremely important to give users as many payment options as possible to ensure that they find the one they need.

Xsolla Greenlight Service

Oftentimes, however, it is hard for games to decide which payment options to enable. Some of Xsolla partners prefer to integrate all possible payment methods, while others request only selected ones. Making an educated decision is crucial because users in different regions have different payment habits and expect games to meet their needs.

How it works

To help both, games and players with payment option selection we have launched new “Greenlight” type of service. It allows players to request payment options for a particular game.

By simply voting on the option from the list of over 500 payment methods available through Xsolla, the user helps the game understand true needs of players. As soon as there are enough votes for a particular payment option, it will be enabled in the game.

Xsolla Greenlight for Payment options

Here, at Xsolla we constantly monitor the payment market to make sure we have all possible payment options in every region. However, as it is often the case, players know their local payment methods and preferences better. With our “Greenlight” tool players can suggest a payment option that is not yet available via Xsolla. We will research it, add it to our list and then have it enabled in games.

We strongly believe that the new “Greenlight” service will help Xsolla further improve our coverage. It will also be a valuable tool for games in identifying and meeting gamers’ true needs. And, certainly, it will be a great way for players to leave feedback.

Go check it out in your favorite game!

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