Alfa-Bank Enables Xsolla Payments to Steam and World of Tanks

On October 4th, one of Russia’s leading banks, Alfa-Bank enabled Xsolla payments to Steam and the World of Tanks in Alfa-Mobile.

Alfa-BankAlfa-Mobile is a mobile application for the bank’s customers that runs on both, iOS and Android platforms. It allows to manage accounts, transfer funds, pay for mobile and utility bills. Now the app is also ideally suited to make purchases in Steam Store and the World of Tanks.

Payments can be completed in a matter of seconds. The player needs to:

  • launch Alfa-Mobile app
  • Select «All recipients» category
  • Choose the recipient
  • Enter user account (name/number) and payment amount
  • Confirm payment


A separate «Games» category will soon be introduced to Alfa-Mobile app. Xsolla payments will then be enabled for over 50 games.

Earlier in September Xsolla payments to the World of Tanks, Lineage II, Warface, Blood and Soul and over a dozen of other games were enabled in Alfa-Click, Alfa-Bank online banking.

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