Xsolla Launches Mobile PayStation 2.0. for Mobile Games

Strange as it may seem, but the market of mobile browser games is growing. According to Peter Driessen of Spil Games, «more and more developers are starting to invest in the HTML5 browser-based platform» (Driessen 2013).

Xsolla Mobile PayStation

Consumers who are buying digital devices, especially in developing countries where the gaming industry is booming now — like India, China, Russia, and Latin America — are not always ready to pay money to download games. Free mobile browser games are their choice, so HTML5 and the open web is exactly what game developers opt for in these regions. Xsolla internal statistics also proves that mobile browser games are on the rise: they account for approximately 10% of Xsolla revenue. We also notice that this market segment grows faster than others.

Mobile PayStation 2.0.

To meet the growing demand from game developers and players, Xsolla has upgraded its mobile payment platform, Mobile PayStation. On October 9th the new version was officially released. Designed as the most popular mobile apps, Mobile PayStation 2.0. has user-friendly interface and extended functionality. The distinct features of Mobile PayStation 2.0. are:

  • PayRank algorithm: players see the most relevant local payment options first

Mobile PayStation Recommended

  • Sliding menu: players can switch between the main screen and menu in one click.
  • Easy navigation: all payment methods are conveniently sorted by categories

Mobile PayStation Payment Methods

  • Data-saving: credit card information can be stored in the system for one-click purchases

Xsolla Save Card

  • Retina Display Compatible: PayStation supports retina displays on Apple devices
  • Flexibility: PayStation works on all mobile devices and supports all browsers

Mobile devices Xsolla

  • Numeric keypad: numeric keypad opens automatically when entering payment amount or telephone number

Mobile PayStation Numeric Keypad

  • 24/7 customer support: online chat, Skype and other contact options are easily accessible

The following Xsolla partners choose Mobile PayStation 2.0.: Playtox, Vayersoft, Game World, and many others. Mobile PayStation is perfectly suited for mobile browser games, and it can also be used as a «second screen» for next-generation consoles including Nintendo, OOYA, Sony PlayStation, and Xbox.

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