Direct Carrier Billing Now Available in Steam Store via Xsolla and RURU

On October, 1st Xsolla and RURU (Beeline affiliated company) rolled out a new payment method in Steam store. Direct carrier billing (DCB) via Beeline (a Russian mobile carrier) is now available to all Steam users in Russia.

Beeline for Steam

This option has earlier been enabled by Xsolla for Steam via RURU web-site (, but this time RURU and Xsolla made Beeline direct carrier billing accessible directly through Steam store. To pay using this method, the player needs to:

  • select a pricepoint
  • choose Beeline as a payment method
  • enter cell phone number
  • confirm payment by sending a free text message

The money will be transferred to the player’s account immediately.

Direct carrier billing is very popular with players in Russia. It is quick, 100% safe and cheap compared to traditional Premium SMS service.

In fact, direct carrier billing is becoming more and more widespread around the globe. Recently, leading American mobile carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile) revealed their intentions to switch from PSMS to DCB.

In his recent interview to UBM Tech, Shurick Agapitov, Xsolla CEO, predicted the transition from premium SMS to direct carrier billing:

Mobile payments will maintain their market share. However, the Premium SMS format will lose its relevance and will be replaced by carrier billing. This transition will result in higher payouts for the publishers who will also gain more control over their pricing policy with a higher price point cap and flexible price points. With the necessary software now available for the mobile providers’ use, more and more of them will be offering carrier billing/mobile commerce functionality to their customers.

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