Xsolla Introduces Channeling Deal for Game Developers

Xsolla announces the launch of a new service for its partners. Channeling deal is the perfect solution for game developers entering new markets or launching new games.


For the first time, the new deal combines all existing Xsolla services and more at an All Inclusive fee of 40%. Payments, billing, advanced analytics, customer support and, most importantly, marketing is what game developers get by signing up to Xsolla Channeling.

Marketing is one of the most important tools for acquiring new players and increasing conversion. With Xsolla extensive database of loyal players, bloggers, web masters, owners of gaming portals and forums, the information about your game will be spread out in a few days. Xsolla takes full responsibility for publishing press releases, news articles, video reviews, and active engagement of the players’ community. Development of a promotional website for the game is included in the price.

With Xsolla billing, game developers get a dynamic payment page, smart prices, dozens of currencies, data-saving options, and a set of tools for special promotions and sales. All these help your players make the purchase faster and easier, improving the overall payment experience.

As a payment services provider, Xsolla offers game developers over 600 payment methods worldwide. Global and local, they include credit cards, prepaid cards, mobile payments and premium SMS, e-wallets, direct debit, online banking, cash payments and more. Payment commissions are included in the 40% fee, there are no additional charges.

On top of standard reports available in Merchant account, Xsolla partners signed up to Channeling get access to 3-level analytics (marketing, producer and executive) to follow traffic, players’ payment behavior, revenue, expenses and other important metrics in real time.

Finally, Xsolla customer support is available to players 24 hours 7 days a week (even on weekends and holidays) regarding all payment-related issues. Xsolla support team can be accessed via Skype, Live-chat, or toll-free lines in 27 countries.

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