Xsolla Introduces Status Tool for Monitoring System Health

Xsolla presents a totally innovative tool for monitoring technical health of its system.

Called Status, this tool is a dynamic web page that our partners can use to track technical health of Xsolla system in real time. The interface of status.xsolla.com is intuitive: all the metrics are carefully structured into four categories:

Xsolla Status Tool


Xsolla analytical tools track the workflow of major services that are vital to the health of our technical system. Each service is assigned with a status that changes depending on its actual technical performance.


Monitoring systems automatically convert metrics into graphs and pies. This allows our partners to easily track the health and performance of Xsolla system at a given moment and over a period of time.


Xsolla technical specialists manually list all the incidents, describe them and find ways to fix them. This information serves as an invaluable analytical tool for further improvements.

Maintenance calendar

Calendar contains the most accurate information about upcoming maintenance tasks that might reduce availability of Xsolla services.

Xsolla partners can get updates about the health of our system in a variety ways. This definitely helps to track and eliminate any issues:

— status.xsolla.com is available 24/7

— SMS and email notifications are enabled

— Twitter notifications

— Error page notifications

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