Xsolla Trust Logo Stands for 100% Security

Xsolla has developed a trusted sign, entitled Xsolla Trust Logo, which can be placed on game websites to reassure players that payments on the website are 100% safe. The sign itself is a dynamic image that leads to verification page.

Xsolla Trust Logo

For over 8 years Xsolla is well known for its ultimate service, highest level of transaction security, comprehensive anti-fraud policy, and payment data protection. Xsolla is proved to provide secure service by the following organizations:

— Visa and MasterCard

Visa and MasterCard have very high security standards and are 100% customer-oriented. They only partner with companies that guarantee exceptional security to their customers.

— Merchant Risk Council (MRC)

MRC is an international non-profit organization that supports e-commerce businesses. Thanks to MRC, many merchants have managed to lower fraud level and further keep up under control. Xsolla is a member of MRC, which gives it access to the latest updates about anti-fraud techniques and solutions.

— Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC)

PCI SSC is an open community that develops, distributes and implements safety standards for the payment card industry. The council was founded by world leading payment companies, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Discover. Xsolla has PCI DSS Level 1 compliance certificate.

— McAfee Secure

McAfee Secure develops security technology solutions for state organizations, companies and individuals. Its motto is: «McAfee lives for the challenge of protecting and liberating our customers by staying ahead of the bad guys in our relentless search for safe.»

— Thawte

Thawte SSL certificates help companies increase the level of consumer confidence. Thousands of companies and consumers trust Thawte and choose to work with this SSL recognized certificate authority.

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