Capsidea: Knowledge is Power

In 2013 Xsolla partnered with an innovative analytical platform, Capsidea. The system analyzes and organizes information, allowing to make competent decisions and offer flexible services.

Information is everywhere. The question is, can you get it and put it to work?


Back in 1999 Bill Gates wrote his famous book “Business @ the Speed of Thought”, in which he said that “there will be two types of businesses by the year 2000 — those that are on the Internet, and those that are out of business.” The cyber reality, the era of information is here. There will be only two types of businesses in future — those that can manage the information, and those that cannot. The latter will eventually drown in information streams they cannot process.

So, what should companies that do not know how to manage their own data, do? The answer is obvious — find a powerful analytical tool.

How does Capsidea work?

Capsidea is the analytical platform that can be used to gather and process data. It is powered by an algorithm that gathers required data, processes it into graphs, pies, diagrams or other visual forms and delivers it to the end-user.


The platform is easy-to-use: launch the application, enter required data parameters, and get processed information in a pre-selected format on any device.

There are many other analytical tools similar to Capsidea. Many of them, however, do not allow users to make any changes to it. With Capsidea users can develop their own data-processing solutions. In fact, Xsolla and Capsidea have already held a hackathon, where young teams of developers came up with over a dozen web-applications in just 24 hours.

Capsidea consists of a large number of blocks that can be “mixed and matched,” which ends up with the creation of a new product that would have taken months and millions otherwise.

More information about Capsidea and its potential can be found in Alexander Agapitov’s interview to Hopes and Fears Magazine.

Capsidea is open to new partnerships, simply register on the official website to get involved!

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