Xsolla Adds New Payment Methods in Turkey

Most game developers partnering with Xsolla choose to global. And by saying global, we mean it: we carefully research the gaming market in every region, from Vatican to the Philippines and enable local payment methods in each of them. Players tend to have more trust in local payment methods they know, so games that offer their users local payments enjoy an increased flow of transactions.

Payments in Turkey

In January, Xsolla focused on Turkey. This country is considered to be an emerging market with great potential. We have added 3 payment methods last month, they are PayByMe Visa Card, TTNet and FastPay. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

1) TTNet uses a truly unique payment approach, which is only available in Turkey and in France. TTNet is an Internet services provider and it withdraws money from the users’ account for the payment. The company has over 7 million users and it is the largest ISP in Turkey.

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2) PayByMe VISA Card is an anonymous prepaid VISA card launched by PayByMe. It looks the same as a regular VISA card (it has a card number and a security code), only it does not have a card holder’s name on it. Money from PayByMe VISA card can be withdrawn in ATM machines, and no card is required to do it.

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3) FastPay is a mobile e-wallet that can be used to make online transactions and transfer money between mobile accounts. The e-wallet can be easily refilled with a credit card, bank trasfer via Denizbank, or in any Denizbank ATM.

Other payment methods available to Turkish players via Xsolla that proved to be popular in 2013 are:


Turkish prepaid card available in 10 TL, 25 TL, 50 TL and 100 TL. TL stands for Turkish Lira and this currency is enabled in Xsolla PayStation. MangırKart is rightfully considered #1 payment method among gamers in Turkey.

Visa / MasterCard

Credit cards are #2 preference of Turkish game players.


This global e-wallet is available in Turkey and it is #3 preference of players who make in-game transactions.


PayByMe allows for mobile and landline payments, and its service its considered global. The company is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. It works with leading Turkish mobile carriers, Vodafone, AVEA, and Turkcell.


3pay can be used to pay with a credit card, mobile phone and a prepaid card.

Credit cards, prepaid cards and mobile payments are the most popular payment methods in Turkey. Global e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill also rank high, but they are definitely coming second after local payment methods.

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Terrapinn, a British media company, will host Cards & Payments expo in Istanbul. It is not by accident that the event will take place in Turkey. Here are only a couple of interesting facts to remember:

  • Online credit card transactions in Turkey up by 34% in 2012
  • More than 10 million contactless cards now active in Turkey
  • Turkey has the third highest level of credit card adoption in Europe
  • 300% growth in the number of credit card holders in Turkey, to 45 million
  • Turkish e-commerce sector to reach USD 6.6 billion by 2017
  • Government mandates a cashless society by 2023
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