Xsolla Rolls Out Payment SDK

Xsolla rolls out payment SDK (software development kit) to help its partners integrate our payment platform in a few simple clicks.

Xsolla payment SDK

Earlier, the process of Xsolla payment platform integration took game developers at least 24 hours or more. It was fully guided by Xsolla dedicated integration manager who helped game developers at every step and provided feedback from the system.

With the launch of SDK, this process will be quicker and easier.

“Xsolla SDK is a powerful resource which can reduce integration time to couple of hours. This is the simplest way to test, debug and learn Xsolla API”, says Grigoriy Romanyuk, integration manager.

There is no need to implement technical logic, it is now available as an automated solution. The only thing game developers need to do to integrate Xsolla payment platform is download the SDK, install the files it contains and link them to the project’s business logic.

“One of the Xsolla’s goals is letting gaming companies make games. Therefore, Xsolla integration, must use minimum number of resources, be simple and fast. Implementation of Xsolla SDK is a big step towards one click integration. The goal is still standing, but every day we are working on making interaction with Xsolla really simple and pleasant,” explains Alexey Fedorov, Xsolla CCO.

Xsolla SDK will be available in PHP, Ruby and Java. Other programming languages will also be added by Xsolla on demand from game developers.

SDK in PHP is now available for download.

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3 thoughts on “Xsolla Rolls Out Payment SDK

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