Xsolla and Capsidea Launch PayPal Analytics

Xsolla and Capsidea announce the launch PayPal Analytics, an innovative tool for PayPal account health management. After several years of partnership with PayPal, Xsolla shares its experience and skills in antifraud and chargeback management. Capsidea uses its unlimited analytical resources to power this application for monitoring and managing the health of PayPal account.

Capsidea PayPal Analytics

Why analyze and manage PayPal account health?

PayPal has strict regulations when it comes to customer satisfaction. Merchants need to maintain their account in good standing to avoid disciplinary actions by PayPal (held funds and/or blocked account).

Advanced analytical solution is crucial for calculating risks and responding to incidents (fraudulent transactions, chargebacks, disputes, opened cases) in a timely manner.

Capsidea Xsolla PayPal Analytics

How Does PayPal Analytics Help Reduce Risks?

PayPal Analytics can be used to maintain PayPal account in good standing and improve merchant’s services through payment analytics, risk management and financial losses reduction.

Payment analytics

Each merchant is aware of their consumer profile and interests. However, this knowledge can only be put to work with an analytical tool that can be used to collect detailed statistics on users, countries and time spans. You will always make the right and timely decisions with PayPal Analytics solution.

Capsidea Xsolla PayPal Analytics

Risk management

PayPal works with Visa/Mastercard, which means these payment systems impose additional security regulations and antifraud filters. Merchants who fail to comply with the regulations (exceed the threshold of unauthorized payments and/or chargebacks), may be blacklisted or blocked.

PayPal Analytics helps merchants control the risks and keep their account in good standing.

Capsidea Xsolla PayPal Analytics

Financial losses reduction

Statistics shows the majority of scammers target those goods that are easy to resell. According to Online Fraud Report 2013 by CyberSource online merchants lost $3.5 billion to online fraud in 2012, with this figure being even higher in 2013.

PayPal Analytics allows to detect fraudulent activity and prevent it in the future. Analytical tool, thus, can be used as a powerful antifraud solution.

Register today for free to see how Capsidea solution might help you!

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