Xsolla Support Team: the Results of Successful Work

The majority of modern video games resemble live organisms which develop and evolve under the users’ influence. The reaction rate of developers and their customer support are extremely important for F2P-games. Any mistake can be fatal for such kind of entertainment.

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Xsolla customer support works with different payment methods

Modern gamers are not willing to wait months until a studio releases a patch, and especially do not want to procrastinate when it comes to in-game payments. Xsolla shared the experience of the support team, which deals with the problems of our customers.

Difficulties of self-published companies

It’s very difficult for smaller companies to enter international markets. It’s next to impossible to support thousands of users in China, the USA, Russia and other countries simultaneously. Large publishers can afford to hire a bunch of people, but self-published studios do not have such a possibility.

In his exclusive interview with Xsolla, Novus AEterno project manager Nieuwoudt Nick (Taitale Studious) said his company was not able to work with very many payment systems, as Taitale lacked people to provide adequate support.

«An important factor that slows down the introduction of local payment methods in different countries is customer confidence threshold. There are fears that a client is not eager to trust his payment data to an outside resource. Primary it concerns Asian market, which takes the first place in terms of cyber fraud», — Alexei Trushkov, the director of Game Garden, said.

His concerns are about the Chinese people who are against any external payment systems. That is what Xsolla suggests without demanding any additional payments: the price is already included in the commission.

The power is in unity

Xsolla antifraud specialists, Vladimir Karnishin and Tatiana Efremova, explain the benefits of an all-inclusive approach to support.

«The most important thing is the information and the possibility to acquire it timely. When a support team and an antifraud department work elbow to elbow, they receive the necessary information from the horse’s mouth. It is important to know, for example, about games’ sales to configure systems to combat fraud. The support is the first to find it out. In turn the support may easily ask for any analytical information to carry out a payment. Everything is the same when it is incorrect to make a tough decision relying on the filters. Such a transaction is checked manually in light of direct (transaction characteristics) and indirect (payment history) factors. Only when all the specialists are aware of the necessary information it is possible to keep a balance» – Vladimir Karnishin says.

«The teams work together in order to reach maximal data clarity from users’ appeals to fraud notifications from different payment systems. Unified support team monitors the emerging processes in the real time» – Tatiana Yefremova adds.

The united support team provides the following advantages:

1) Speed

The reaction to the problem is hit-and-run. The solution is found in a few minutes. Everyone knows how it is to call to a support center and to listen to 3-minute messages and instructions. You should constantly go from one voice menu to another to contact the department you need. If you accidently make a mistake you have to start all over again. In the case of the united support team the delay is minimized. Such a support system allows minimizing the period of expectation.

2) Competence

Any question related to a payment (whether it is a payment system error or fraud) is resolved using knowledge and skills of different departments. It’s like an all-inclusive service. If a consultant has solved one problem he is able to resolve the rest; there is no need to connect a user with someone else.

Xsolla Customer Support Advantages

The leading manager of Xsolla customer support Elena Musinova, highlights the advantages of the proposed service:

«1) The average waiting time on the line is 15 seconds. 90% of all letters are answered during the first hour. Waiting time in the chat is less than a minute.

2) We understand our users and are sensitive to their problems. Many of our specialists are gamers and they are aware of the importance to get a payment on time.

3) We don’t have separate lines for the Germans, the Americans and the French. Each consultant knows at least one foreign language. Many of them have worked in other countries and understand the mentality of foreign people perfectly well.

4) We are constantly working to improve our service. We call and write to different tech supports all over the world, analyze competitors, discuss them on meetings and adopt the things we like about them»

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Xsolla customer support is available around the globe

Successful cases

Xsolla partners are always rescued by the combined efforts of various technical support teams. For example, if a user is not able to purchase in-game currency by a particular payment system, a consultant gives him advice on how the system works or how to change browser or account settings. If an error occurs on the part of a payment system the team provides a user with a contact phone number and an email. Of course, our specialists always ask a user how urgently he needs to make a payment. If a matter is really urgent, Xsolla specialists offer the most profitable and simple alternative payment methods depending on the country of a particular user. Xsolla consultants can also provide information on how to make online shopping secure.

There are also very many touching examples of help. Elena says:

«We help moms to send postcards for their sons who are in army on ‘Odnoklassniki’ (Russian social network). The online chat is the only communication channel for them. Sometimes we help children buy English courses for their moms and dads. Not to say about numerous recovered accounts which users have invested hundreds of dollars to. Of course, we always refund money to those who paid us accidentally. Once a woman made ​​a mistake and expanded our balance sheet for several thousands of rubles instead of buying cosmetics. We returned all her money back».


Our support team can make life easier for small companies with limited resources. As a result, the interaction of different departments causes the customer support to become faster, better and more reliable.

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