Xsolla: experience and crowdfunding symbiosis

One of the strongest Xsolla points is a unique experience of payment method selection. By estimating statistics in different countries, analyzing the database of 500+ games and the most profitable payment systems the company offers a versatile payment selection tool. With the help of such technological solutions as Xsolla Greenlight and Xsolla PayStation the company helps reduce risks and increase profits even in such «exotic» regions as Brazil, China and South Korea.


Xsolla Greenlight

Modern gaming market is constantly growing. According to Newzoo analysts, interactive entertainment sales increase by 6.7% annually. The market capitalization will be $ 86.1 billion by 2016. Profit markup and sales increase inevitably affect the budget growth and the demand for efficient payment solutions. Driven by positive competition, search for emerging markets and growing ambitions, gaming companies explore new mechanics, genres and monetization sources with great interest now.


Newzoo prognosis

Xsolla proposes turnkey solutions for all existing markets and ways of earning money in games. Based on the experience, long-standing practice and «big data» processing technologies (such as Capsidia) the company offers its own payment package for each particular region. If you click the link and choose any game enlisted you can explore all payment methods available for different regions. For example, Xsolla advises Union Pay card, Tenpay and Alipay electronic systems, ICBC, SPDB, CCB and CoComm for China. The set for Japan is different: ¥Coins, JCB and so on.

«Xsolla experts analyze game traffic and make a list of recommended payment systems considering their popularity in the top regions based on data from the database of 500+ games. Realizing the amount of work to maintain a list of payment methods to date, a company often decides to avoid numerous difficulties and integrate Xsolla PayStation. Thus all payment options (more than 700+) are ranked by relevance to a particular user automatically» — Xsolla Business Development Manager Helen Alyasheva says.

Recommendations are based on the years of statistics selection and meticulous analysis. Xsolla explores the current market, checks rates and provides one-click payments. The company offers various suites of billing tools for different regions including South Korea, Thailand and Brazil.


Online video game market in South Amarica

One of the most innovative and unusual selective methods to work with payment systems is Greenlight, which is developed by Xsolla. Greenlight allows users to choose e-wallets or plastic cards they are most interested in. In other words gamers propose their own payment methods. The crowdsourcing system lets collect a suit of payment methods based on direct users’ feedback. Risks are minimized.

«Users can vote for payment methods which for one reason or another are not put in a «starter kit». It serves as a signal for a developer to revise all available payment methods and add some more payment systems which are in great demand,« — Helen Alyasheva adds.

If some payment methods are popular, Xsolla adds them into PayStation. If gamers ignore other payment sources it’s clear to analysts that the proposed payment methods are not too common. Sometimes the connection of one singular payment system may increase the amount of game income by several times.

«For example, Xsolla has great success with Mangirkart and Transferuj. As a result of collaboration with our partner games Mangirkart average turnover increased from several tens of thousands to several million rubles. Electronic billing systems which were chosen by large game projects are really lucky», — Xsolla Payment Manager Anna Tishchenko says.

Xsolla Greenlight system together with carefully selected recommended payment methods allow companies to save time and money that can be spent on improvement of their gaming products.

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