Benefits you may get by changing usual payment methods

Unsuccessful payment to Angry Birds Go!

Xsolla tells how a collapse of any payment system can help players and developers pay using other tools. Even with all things considered a company is not going to bear losses, but to increase profits.

Gaming world is full of horrific stories in which games are turned to be disconnected from payment systems. One of the most famous «horror stories» is Game Insight fateful reform. The company started in January 2010. By June the publisher managed to earn a million dollars on social projects for, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki (russian social networks). However, a month later payment services were turned off in some games. Within a month the profit of the company slipped to zero. In March 2013 Game Insight CEO Alisa Chumachenko told how the company managed to deal with the situation. Xsolla also remembers the cases when some payment methods for one reason or another didn’t work. However, the team saw new opportunities in these unpleasant circumstances.

The previous autumn is best remembered for the flood in Russia. The central TV-channels collected money to victims in the Far East. Fellow citizens managed to collect more than 230 million rubles. The problem was that most of the payments were made by mobile phones. Of course, channels of all mobile operators were overloaded.

«When the collapse happened everyone presented himself well. First of all, when users knew the delay was associated with a charity event, they apologized and asked how they could help the victims. We learned about the event from our billing partners. At this time we taught many people to use e-wallets like Kiwi, Yandex, Webmoney. The problem of mobile payments helped some users to overcome an important psychological barrier to pay online via a bank card. People are afraid of hackers. That is why the Russians are afraid to use their cards online and usually look for alternative online methods. The flood case demonstrated our users that it’s easy and secure to pay online. They were able to verify the reliability of our system», — Xsolla Support Manager Elena Musinova says.

As far as you see, the company instantly began offering its users alternative payment solutions. Instead of waiting until mobile operators were free, Xsolla gave players the opportunity to make purchases with the help of e-wallets or credit cards.

To encourage users to pay via credit cards some well-known developers together with Xsolla organized an interesting action and managed to earn money. F2P-creators were bent on a bold step by offering gamers a variety of bonuses and additional packages of virtual currency. The proposal was in a huge demand. Some of our customers started acquiring credit cards.

Credit cards have an important advantage that the developers are able to assess only after some time. Xsolla offers an opportunity to establish recurrent payments for a new payment instrument. This feature allows players to pay for subscriptions or to purchase much-needed virtual currency in time. The feature is not available for other payment methods. Due to recurrent payments gamers increase the regularity of payments. In turn, developers see significant increase in purchases and turnover.

If to speak about the replacement of foreground payment methods it’s not enough just to throw one button away and to put another instead. It’s necessary to work with the audience and to offer new payment methods and bonuses. Only due to the flexible payment policy and competent integration of in-game goods developers can painlessly vary their payment instruments.

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