Payment Systems: How to choose


The most popular payment methods in different regions (the graph is made in Capsidea)

If you read our previous publications, you are aware that it’s extremely difficult to keep modern gamers involved in your game. Xsolla believes each of these issues deserves attention, but the possible problems with payment methods must be solved first. We are not talking just about problems with an interface or integration but with a choice of appropriate for different regions payment instruments. Xsolla partners with very many American companies. As a rule browser games, mobile applications, client F2P- entertainments get a certain set of payment methods for the United States. They clearly meet the preferences of the American public. Basically it’s PayPal and credit cards.


The most popular payment methods in Russia

However, when trying to enter the global market, many developers face major challenges. Domestic payment methods don’t work for the international market. We are not talking about inexperienced studios only, but also about huge companies which are experienced enough to earn big money.

Interesting to note that most successful indie developers, who offer their projects on their own websites, use a similar strategy. Many of them rely solely on PayPal, without considering the possibility of paying via alternative e-wallets and credit cards. Such short-sightedness leads to the fact that users don’t have a possibility to purchase a product directly.

«PayPal for the Americans is like Webmoney for the Russians. They are accustomed to this service. PayPal has many advantages such as reliability, security and convenience. The e-wallet offers good personal account, it’s linked with a credit card. You shouldn’t enter your payment data again and again. The only problem is that people don’t use it at all in a number of regions. For example, PayPal appeared only last year in Russia. Many people simply don’t know how to use it», — Xsolla Finance Manager Timofey Maksimov says.

«It’s obvious why American developers choose PayPal as a billing system: it is widespread.

You can pay via PayPal even in clothing stores. Any purchase can be disputed within 45 days, and the payment system is on the buyer’s side as a rule. PayPal is an advanced tool for convenient finance management.

Of course, this tool is not universal. PayPal is an e-wallet, which is replenished by a credit card. Sometimes a credit card is a subject of digital fraud. So accounts are often hacked. Of course, PayPal specialists investigate such cases and return money. But nobody can return you time and nerves.

Gradually prepaid cards like SubWay, Burger King are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Simply buy a gift certificate and pay by it on our site! The anonymity is guaranteed, which is impossible with cards and PayPal», — Xsolla specialist Elena Musinova says.

Skrill is a good alternative to PayPal. The company is located in London, The UK.

When working with clients in different countries Xsolla always proposes to adapt a range of payment methods to local conditions. As we already wrote in our previous cases, to avoid a conversion decrease in such markets as Brazil or China you should consider the local payment preferences. For example, Xsolla offers e-wallets and UnionPay card for China. Standard Visa or Mastercard are simply not used in this region.

«Russia is a country of cash. The Russians like cash-kiosks, although they are willing to pay via e-wallets like Yandex, QIWI, PayPal and via mobile phones of course. Asia is a region of prepaid cards and e-wallets. The Chinese don’t trust banks and bank payments genetically. Europe is for cards and PayPal. The USA is for cards and PayPal too. Like Russia, South America uses a lot of local payment systems (cash-kiosks, postal orders, e-wallets, PIN-cards) as well as international services like PayPal», — Elena Musinova adds.

Some payment methods available for the USA

Some regions very often prefer certain types of payment methods. It’s clearly seen from the Xsolla statistics. The use of local payment methods allows to establish a stable cash flow. Furthermore, it’s necessary to work with local currencies and take into account financial abilities of gamers from different regions.

Some payment methods available for Brazil.

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