Brazilian Gaming Market Overview

Brazil, also known as the land of opportunity, has come far in economic growth and development over the past couple of years, surging to take 6th place in the competition that is the world’s largest economies, only faltering behind the U.S., China, Japan, Germany, and France while beating out the UK and Russia.

Brazil Payment Market

2013 forecast for the Latin American market in online entertainment

In this constantly developing and under-served market, the gaming industry is flourishing with projections of $2.6 billion by 2016 with immediate successes from major gaming influencers such as League of Legends (Riot Games), World of Tanks (Wargaming), and Fifa 2014 (EA).

Brazil is known to be predominantly a gaming market consisting of mostly players with very few game developers within the country so the potential to succeed is very visible with not much competition abound. So for all you game developers out there, Brazil should have a big red target painted on it’s back because of the fact that attaining success for your game is just around the corner.

The only catch to this, otherwise, paradise for game developers, is that once you penetrate the Brazilian market, you will need to implement localized payment methods and transactions within your game or all the potential gamers and users will not be able to pay for your product. Wouldn’t that be a catastrophe? Worry not because next, we will go into a little overview of the different payment methods available that Xsolla has to offer for localized payment transactions within Brazil that will solve all of your troubles and worries and leave you gleaming with happiness from the success of your game.

Payment Methods Within Brazil

Bandeira do Brasil

There are many different ways to go about payments within Brazil, however, the key thing to take away from this post is that most, if not all, payment methods are localized and different from other markets.

Cash Payments

Boleto, for instance, is supported nationwide and by all state banks within Brazil providing anonymous cash payments through cash slips at over 50,000 points of sale including gas stations, retail stores, etc. The transaction is quick, easy, and supported in most areas for business which makes it a great option for most Brazilian gamers to use as their primary method of payment.

Other payment options include PIN’s which are similar to Boleto’s cash slips but are specialized for local retails on a larger scale and these include ePrepag and Paymentez.

Bank Transfers

Another system gamers can use to pay for transactions are bank transfers within 5+ major banks including Banco do Brasil, Santander, Itau, and HSBC. Users must input a ton of personal information before being able to withdraw or spend any money using this method and gamers have the tendency to wish to stay anonymous so other methods may be more popular just because of the convenience factor.

Credit Cards

Local credit cards are another popular option for many gamers within Brazil with gamers being able to pay with Elo, Mercado do Livre, and Hiper card. Most major payment providers cannot provide these payment methods while Xsolla does have access which promotes exclusivity and convenience within this area. International credit cards issued by international banks are prohibited within Brazil to pay for in-game transactions which makes Xsolla’s services much more appealing for game developers looking to maximize exposure and revenue for their games.

Prepaid Cards

Normal prepaid cards are also available such as from goCash and AstroPay and are popular with players within Brazil.

“Among the most important and popular payment methods for online games are prepaid cards, they are similar to American gift cards. Each major and even small store has a big display with favorite games of Brazilians. Payments are online, fast and secure. Brazilians also like to pay with credit cards and Boleto (at a bank or point of sale, POS),” explains Olga Kovinova, Brazil country manager at Xsolla.

With such a wide variety of payment methods available, you can never tell which one will perform with the best results for your game so it is important to provide as many payment options as possible to provide convenience for your gamers.


Game Payment Platform for Brazil

Xsolla provides a complete package for developers to provide convenient, secure transactions using localized payment solutions.

Credit cards in Brazil are a primary source of payment for gamers and Xsolla has recognized that convenience is key, therefore, we have implemented many different methods to ensure that Brazilians have the smoothest transaction possible. For instance, while local currency is shown as BRL to the rest of the world, Brazil states it as R$ so this is what we set it as within Brazil to provide comfort for the gamers. Zip codes are known as CEP which provide not only the area of residence but also the city and street names which will be auto filled when provided with Xsolla services for faster transactions.

“Brazilians are used to filling out forms: address, tax identification number, telephone and more… But these people value service a lot, especially because they don’t get much of it in real life. A little goes enough way in Brazil, so Xsolla does everything possible to make the payment process better, faster, and more accurate for players,” says Alexey Fedorov, Xsolla Chief Customer Officer.


Brazilians, like most people in the world, value customer service and support extremely high and with games, there is going to be a non-stop influx of problems that need to be sorted out. Because of this, Xsolla provides 24/7 customer support in English for Brazilian players with support in Portuguese coming soon.

Xsolla Brazil Payment Video

One Last Thing to Consider

An interesting fact about Brazil in relation to the rest of the world within the gaming industry is that the most popular games in Brazil are the same ones that are at the top of the industry for the US and Europe. What this means is that you can make well-educated assumptions and predictions for games that succeed in the US and Europe to be equally as successful within Brazil. In a sense, you can foresee the future acceptance and success of a game by comparing the US and European gaming market to Brazil’s.

Brazil has already emerged as a major gaming market and developers should take advantage of the opportunities present. Xsolla has already seen the importance of Brazil within the gaming industry, establishing a local entity within Brazil to provide the gamers and developers convenience as well as exclusivity in the payment transaction industry within games. Where the Brazilian gaming industry will be in 10 years nobody knows but one thing is for certain, Xsolla will be there every step of the way providing unparalleled support, experience, and knowledge for developers as well as gamers alike.

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