Xsolla PayRank — successful integration

Variety of payment methods in the world.

Xsolla tells a success story of some developers, who managed to change their payment methods dynamically. This helps to engage players more rapidly and form special payment pages for each client. Patented ranking algorithm PayRank helps developers with finding the right payment button for the right player.

Every game at the global markets has to initiate work with alternative distribution platforms. Except huge stores like Steam, App Store, Google Play, GoG.com there are millions of others that help gamers from various regions to buy games and virtual content.

Statistics on alternative methods of payment for Brazil (Worldpay).

Thus developing countries generate new distributing methods with new payment methods almost every month. In this blog there were a number of publications devoted to alternative payment options and various distribution services. Most of these payment methods are popular among users from various regions.

Alternative payment methods in Brazil (Worldpay).

In 2012 alternative payment methods were used in 43% e-commerce deals. In 2017 their amount will increase to 59% (Worldpay). Today among the most popular payment methods in the world are PayPal, Alipay, TenPay, but maybe in a couple of years everything could change and we would have to work with new payment methods.

The most popular payment methods in the world

The most popular alternative payment methods in the world.

New app stores and new alternative payment methods influence the user activity and conversion. Gamers prefer various platforms and different payment methods. Regional preferences in payment methods are among the first things that game developers should pay attention to.

Xsolla always helps our clients to solve problems, connected with payment methods and their effective management. One of our games had a variety of regional payment options? However the conversion was very low and payments were pretty scarce. Xsolla found out that the payment page was overloaded with unnecessary information. Navigation was difficult and payment options were not sorted according to players preferences. Gamer had to spend minutes looking for the right option which wasn’t really helping to achieve the best possible payment experience. Frustrated users didn’t want to pay for the game, because they couldn’t figure out the right way to do it.

Our company managed to solve this problem using the patented technology Xsolla PayRank. This is a new algorithm that analyses various data from the gamers (user location, habits, conversion) and uses the information to sort the alternative payment methods to fit the client’s habits. This powerful technology helps to show the gamers the most relevant and interesting payment options.

«PayRank picks up the most popular and interesting payment options, using various parameters: location, type of game, history of payments. Analysing all this data this algorithm allows to find the most interesting payment method. Even two brothers at the same apartment playing the same game may have various payment preferences. This intellectual system gives developers a great advantage. Gamer will have access to those payment methods which are the most popular and most useful in the region. Gamers don’t have to scroll through thousands of different methods — the best variants are already presented at the first screen. The faster the user will find the correct payment method the quicker will be the purchase. You don’t want to make the gamer wait», — technical support manager Xsolla Elena Musinova says.

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  1. […] Payrank 可以在Paystation和 Paybar中为每一位玩家定制不同的支付选项。定制的优先次序来源于玩家的购买历史,金额,地点,游戏类型等等。所以,您的玩家,哪怕是同一屋檐下的兄弟,都可能在同一款游戏中进行不同选项的支付。 […]

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