Game Analytics: HoneyTracks Interview

HoneyTracks and Capsidia

HoneyTracks CEO and founder Tom Sente.

Xsolla and Capsidea start a series of articles devoted to various analytical platforms available at the market. Xsolla was happy to have a little interview with HoneyTracks CEO and founder Tom Sente.

HoneyTracks Games Analytics is a gaming analytical service. This SaaS product allows you to see all the necessary information about various parts of your game in the browser window. This is a very affordable and scalable product. This powerful service allows the developers to see valuable information about your products and users.

Why should game developers use analytical SaaS-products? They are usually expensive and smaller companies don’t even consider buying a subscription?

A core question nowadays is about what makes a games company successful – creativity or analytics?

We believe that in a really overcrowded market space you need both. You need creativity for crazy new ideas and data that proves your ideas – data driven design. For the creative part we suggest love, beer, coffee and or whatever drives your passion. For the analytics part a SaaS service like HoneyTracks.

One cool thing about SaaS is that it is completely scalable and grows easily with your needs. By that, HoneyTracks is able to offer solutions for companies of any size – small startups to internationally successful companies with a wide portfolio of games.

We strongly believe that SaaS is much cheaper than buying new hardware, hiring engineers, wasting a lot of time for building and running an in-house analytics instead of focusing on your core business: making a fantastic game.

As a small company you profit from professional tracking and analytics by starting with our 100% free version. You do a fast one- time implementation (1/2 – 1day) and then you are able to focus on creating a great game instead of wasting your resources by writing SQL queries, maintaining additional databases and servers and thinking about how to visualize all the numbers nicely.

Later, with the success of your game, your needs will change as the relevant metrics will also. Along the life cycle of your game you should always focus on the right metrics at the right time and thus understand what metrics matters when. You may want to have a deeper look about this topic in our top rated presentation on slideshare.

Do you think that companies should start analyzing their game-statistics as early as possible or is it possible to start analysis when the project was already launched?

Our flexibility and scalability makes it easy to start tracking very early in the development process. Tracking alpha and beta phases of your game allows you to pinpoint weaknesses in design or technical problems in an early stage without having to rely exclusively on player feedback.

The earlier you start with analytics, the better. Games optimization is an ongoing process, so at any stage of your game you will achieve a lot of insights that will help making the game better, the player happier and finally increase your profit.

Who are your main clients? Do you provide your services for bigger or smaller companies, bigger or smaller products?

We have a variety of clients from all continents developing games on all major platforms like mobile, browser, social (VK, Facebook) or even downloadable PC games. Our customers range from startups using our free version to international clients with several multimillion players using our enterprise services. HoneyTracks offers solutions for anyone from free self-service to consulting.

What kinds of services does HoneyTracks provide?

Among our top references are Deutsche Telekom AG, InnoGames, Top Eleven from Nordeus, Auto Club Revolution and Come2Play from Israel.

Our clients are using HoneyTracks on a daily basis to analyze where players drop out of the game, what types of players monetize best, which items and features sell best, what is the best price points for their virtual goods, how to balance free to hard currency and which items convert players to paying users.


HoneyTracks is one of the most affordable analytical solutions for videogames. This service has a free version, which will be great for newcomers.

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