Thailand Payment Market Overview

Thailand, an emerging market in regards to overseas gaming, is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia behind Indonesia and is seen as “one of the great development success stories” because of the fact that despite a low per-capita gross national income and HDI, the poverty line decreased from 65.26% to 13.15% between 1988 and 2011.


These are amazing statistical numbers which have a bigger impact on the gaming industry in Southeast Asia than you would think. In 2011, the Thai game industry revenue reached 12 billion baht (about 400 million US Dollars) according to related statistics, and within Thailand, the games breakdown includes 30% for online games, 15% for arcade games and handheld games respectively, iOS and Android games accounted for 15%, and PC games a mere 5%. Understanding the preferences of local players as well as the local payment methods available within is a prerequisite for all game developers who want to enter Thailand. Xsolla is here to introduce you to the main payment methods in Thailand to help you better understand the local market and industry.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are one of Thailand’s main methods of payment and are preferred by many. Molpoints card is a virtual prepaid game card that is widely distributed in over 900+ places in Thailand as well as in over 25,000 Boonterm Kiosk locations. Whether it is used in Thailand’s popular traditional games or Facebook’s social games, this card is widely used by people in all age groups. Another popular prepaid card within Thailand is the Cookie Card which gamers can top up through electronic internet banking or the ATM. One-2-Call Cash Card can be seen everywhere in Thailand and you can find it in more than 100 convenience stores such as 7-Eleven. MyCard is Asia’s leading prepaid platform with more than 20,000 retail stores selling the card. MyCard has over 3.5 million users and the site hits 4.5 million users per month. 40% of its users are between 16-20 years old. Usage of credit cards for online payments in Thailand is low because many of the gamers are young and have no access to them so making alternative and convenient payment methods which include this demographic is vital to a games success.


MOLPoints card is a very popular method of payment within Thailand for virtual goods.


MoneyGram International Money Transfer in Thailand is very quick and easy. There are over 55,000 worldwide agencies you can use to transfer money through and players from different countries can transfer money via MoneyGram to more than 155 countries. The funds usually arrive within 10 minutes and is considered the safest way to make transfers.

Mobile Payments

Easy2pay is a major mobile phone payment service provider in Thailand which has sixty-five million users. This payment provider allows the user to simply recharge their credit amount via online and even pay bills while being able to make purchases of virtual goods within games.



PayPal’s popularity in Thailand is increasing. PayPal is easy to use, convenient, and worldwide. It is no wonder that it boasts ninety-four million active users to date. For secure global coverage and payments, PayPal is an emerging entity within Thailand.

A Final Look

When we speak of Thailand, most people will automatically assume we are speaking of their hub and capital, Bangkok. All of this information applies to Bangkok obviously as it is their most active area but other parts of Thailand are slowly emerging to be great potential places of opportunity. Once proper infrastructure is laid out, these other cities will see exponential growth within the gaming industry which leads to the consequential increase in the payment industry within Thailand. The only direction this industry is going is upwards and it is exciting to see the development in the near future as the market is “just starting to develop.”

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