A Glance at Brazil’s Gaming Market

The gaming industry is an ever-evolving entity which is gaining traction with every innovative step technology takes to improve gameplay for gamers.


Brazilian Gaming Statistics

Brand director of Google, Marcio Garcez, recently met with individuals from different sectors of the gaming industry including retailers, console manufacturers, and game developers at an event in Sao Paolo, Brazil in order to gain insight from different sources and viewpoints. He deduced that we need to rethink the way we talk to fans of arcade games as “57% of all searches are done on a game before release while 91% of investments in media happen prior to launch.” As for a little statistics, Garcez states that the sector grew by 40% last year reaching a turnover of 1.4 billion dollars. There are 54 million gamers in the country with 46 million playing games that require them to be online. Of these millions of gamers, 55% are visiting more web pages than the average user online and also spend 60% more minutes per month browsing. These are very relatable statistics as gamers are known to be the tech-savvy, all-knowing geniuses of the technology industry.

YouTube and the PS4

The gaming community is also quite active on YouTube based on findings by Google. Of the top 100 subscriber heavy channels on YouTube, 29 of them are about games reaching a total of 22 million people. The content is averaged at 15-30 minutes per video and topics include: unboxing, gameplay, opinion, analysis, walkthroughs, fails, and mood. Also, people are much more interested in viewing PS4 content than Xbox One content. This could be a direct correlation with gamers purchasing over 7 million PS4’s as Sony recently released their numbers while Microsoft is keeping quiet about their figures for the Xbox One. Although there are countless reasons for this, we can only speculate that the reason for the PS4’s success over the Xbox One has to do with the mandatory inclusion of the Kinect which drives up the price of the Xbox One while providing almost nothing in return as most games developed for the Kinect are unpopular and scarce.


Future of the industry

The event also featured a discussion on the current trend of the gaming industry with the presence of Gracias Anderson, general manager of the PlayStation division in Brazil, Chaverot Bertrand, director of Ubisoft Latam, and Francis Simon, Director of Marketing for Microsoft. Asked about selling games in the cloud, the executives said that physical media is not going away anytime soon. The reasons for this include: the network infrastructure in Brazil is terrible, the personalization of purchasing games and displaying the collection to friends is unparalleled, and the cloud system puts decision making beyond the control of parents on which games a child can acquire.

Virtual Reality

Another topic of discussion at the event included virtual reality, namely the Oculus Rift created by Oculus VR who recently got bought out by Facebook as well as Sony’s Project Morpheus. “The technology will move towards greater immersion in virtual reality. Another thing would be to facilitate the gaming experience, bringing the user of casual games for the console. There will be more than just knowing the exact combination to throw a grenade in a war game, simply with a flick of the wrist,” Francis Simon of Microsoft states.


A Final Look

With millions of players in the gaming industry with millions more to come, nobody knows exactly where it will develop towards. With e-sports becoming larger, competitive players considered as professional athletes, and innovations such as virtual reality, the future of gaming is unpredictable yet attainable. Brazil is developing into an area of prime interest for gamers and developers alike and we are excited to be a part of the development for the near future.


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