Credit Card Blog Series: Analyzing User Payment Behavior

Credit cards and their usage in mobile technology is an ever-evolving topic, which has revolutionized and shaped how users consume content. Here, we are 5 deep start a 12-part series discussing credit cards’ evolution in regards to their mobile usage and customer base, how people around the globe are utilizing them, and where they are going in the future.


Credit cards payments are useful for analyzing customers’ behavior.

Credit cards allow us to track user payments, as we’ve seen in this blog series already in regards to geolocation and more. Analyzing user payment behavior is another way in which credit card can help us and our users. There are two major ways in which analyzing user behavior can be beneficial: for security purposes and for functionality purposes.

It is imperative “to analyze user payment behavior and make a model of normal behavior for a user or groups of users”, says Vladimir Karnishin, Head of Card Acquiring and Risk Management at Xsolla.

Tracking customer trends can protect users' security.

Tracking customer trends can protect users’ security.


Tracking and looking at the ways in which players spend money can help put a stop payment on any potential fraudulent transactions. Again, Vladimir says, “if our system sees a payment with abnormal parameters we can stop this payment”, indicating how keeping track of credit cards helps track user behavior which in turn helps use monitor user’s security. We can always use their gathered info to change our in-game purchase models or to change security rules.

“For example if a user always paid $10 with their credit card originating in the USA, then it would be strange (and a red flag) if he tries to pay $600 from inside China to a different game”, Mr. Karnishin explains further about security and credit cards.


Improve your payment system functionality by keeping track of users’ credit card payments.


What about functionality? How does tracking user’s payment behavior with credit cards aid in payment functionality? Vladimir continues on to say, we “can offer recurring payments to users who pay $20 consistently every week to one game”, for example, after we see that’s what they are spending and where they are spending. Credit cards offer a convenient way to see where and how often users are spending money in-game and allow us to tailor-specify payment options that suit their individual needs.


Analyze your users’ behavior patterns efficiently and put the info you gather to good use to make your games and payment systems even better.

Analyzing User Behavior

Keeping track of users’ movements via their credit card activity offers insight into how we can adapt payment functionality to each individual, and help stave off potential security threats by comparing the user’s historical credit card activity. Understanding user behavior lets us protect the user’s privacy, and predictively supply options for payment, whether it’s recurring payments or one-time purchases.

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