Xsolla and ESTsoft Have Teamed Up!

Xsolla is proud to announce their partnership with ESTsoft! By joining forces with the leading games payment solution, ESTsoft will now be able to offer payment methods such as e-wallets, prepaid cards, credit cards, bank account linking, and more all across Europe!

ESTsoft is the maker of such popular titles as Cabal Online, a free-to-play 3D fantasy MMO, and HeroesGo, a free-to-play dungeon-crawling action adventure. One of thesewell-loved titles, Cabal Online, will offer a wide variety of payment options through Xsolla, so fans all across Europe will be able to pay for the content they want in the way they want to. Xsolla brings their long history of seamless game payment methods to the table so gamers all over can enjoy what they love to play.

Here, Cabal Online GMs walk you through the newest content of their popular title from their YouTube Channel.

Cabal Online offers original, fun, in-depth fantasy MMO gameplay, taking place in the fictional realm of Nevareth, almost one thousand years after its initial destruction at the hands of utopian-seekers, the Cabal. They tampered with the laws of nature and brought about the Apocalypse, leaving only 8 of their initial group alive. Facing the forces of evil that once again threaten Navareth, you, as the player, must protect the world from the evil that is rising up again.With Xsolla’s new integrated payments system, protecting your realm is easier than ever. Choose your preferred payment method and keep your in-game currency supplied so you can always be on top of your game. Check out Cabal Online here!

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