Gaming Industry Leaders: Brazil Showcase

Gaming in general has seen explosive success recently with the widespread adoption of updated technology such as mobile smartphones and tablet devices globally.


However, it is still surprising to see a projected forecast for the Brazilian Online Games Market to be up in the $1.5 billion range for 2014 (SuperData Research), further emphasizing the fact that Brazil is the “crown jewel” of Latin America within the gaming industry. Estimations continue the trend of growth towards projections of $1.6 billion by 2017, although much of the explosive growth has been stunted as market saturation occurs within Brazil. Another key point to note is that Brazil is already so much further ahead of its Latin American neighbors in terms of game development which is coming into effect with the rest of Latin America starting to catch up and take some of Brazil’s share in the regional gaming market.

Game Industry Statistics – Latin America

Brazil holds the largest piece of the Latin American Digital Games Market representing over 38% of the total industry with its colossal $1.5 billion share. The second biggest country, Mexico, comes roughly close with a share size of $963 million while the rest of Latin America pales in comparison. Although Brazil holds 38% of the pie which represents 3.4 million digital gamers, there is a dramatic drop-off in growth of new gamers.


Dota2 and Professional Gaming

Consumers are continuing to devour free-to-play MMOs and MOBAs such as Dota2 and League of Legends within Brazil but overall growth is slowing down, an eventual process that was expected to occur sooner than later. Because of such titles as League of Legends and Dota2 finding success within Brazil, the professional gaming scene is becoming more prominent much like in the rest of the world. High quality game-play, Battles for Pride, and Expanding Prize Pools in well developed games such as Dota2 are a few of the many different reasons why the gaming scene has become so dominant within Brazil. The ongoing Dota2 event known as The International Dota2 Championships prize-pool has reached a staggering $10.6 million in potential winnings for pro players. Professional e-sports is becoming a major part of the gaming and entertainment industry following technological advances such as Twitch TV, and it’s seeming to be more and more of a viable profession to dream towards.

The Dota2 International Tournament will have a $10.6 Million Prize Pool. Wow.

The Dota2 International Tournament will have a $10.6 Million Prize Pool. Wow.

Mobile Games

The mobile games market is the largest digital games market within Brazil boasting $606 million in yearly revenue. This is partly due to the fact that smartphones and tablets have become much more prominent and popular for the average user to have which has increased convenience for the user to enjoy games on the go. Because almost everyone owns a smartphone, this type of mobile-based gaming has outdriven the competition represented by its digital console and monthly online subscription counterparts. However, within Brazil, most of the potential mobile gamers have already become monthly active users as represented by little to marginal growth within the mobile games industry.


A Final Word

Brazil has emerged as the leader within the Gaming Industry among Latin American countries. With more and more Latin American’s adopting smartphones and consoles, the gaming industry is expected to increase in all aspects although Brazil’s market share dominance might go down as a result. If you are a game developer and are looking to penetrate new markets such as Brazil for your game, now is the time to do so. Set up a meeting with us at any time to see what we can customize for you and your game!

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