CABAL Online Global Payments: ESTsoft & Xsolla Partnership Extended

For every carry player out there littering the glorified battlefield with heaps of slain enemies, there is a partner, no, a support player not too far behind paving the way for their carry’s success.

Cabal Online

Much like in games such as Dota2 and World of Warcraft, cooperation and partnerships are one of the key sources of attaining victory and success. This also applies to the gaming industry with companies constantly finding new ways to generate and maintain partnerships in order to expand the presence of both partners at hand. That is why Xsolla is pleased to announce that we are taking a step further together with ESTsoft (creators of CABAL Online) to provide the devoted gamers and fans with, essentially, an expansion in payment method coverage offered.

Cabal Beast


ESTsoft & Xsolla

In one of our earlier blog posts dating to a couple months past, we announced our partnership with ESTsoft and popular hit title, CABAL Online. This came as big news for CABAL Online as we were scheduled to provide the framework and payment methods previously unavailable for gamers including credit cards and alternative payment options within Europe. Now, after only two short but effective months of successful partnership, ESTsoft has decided to expand into the global market with Xsolla, providing our coverage, payment options, and security for all players within the CABAL Online America & Global regions. Starting from July 3rd, 2014, CABAL Online players are able to take advantage of more than 600 payment methods available through Xsolla’s payment platform.

Cabal Online

For those who are unfamiliar with the game, CABAL Online is a free-to-play 3D MMO by Korean developers ESTsoft. It offers original, fun, in-depth fantasy gameplay, taking place in the fictional realm of Nevareth, almost one thousand years after its initial destruction at the hands of utopian-seekers, the Cabal. They tampered with the laws of nature and brought about the Apocalypse, leaving only 8 of their initial group alive.

Implementing Xsolla’s new integrated payment platform helps players across the globe protect their realm by making it quick and easy to purchase in-game currency in ESTsoft’s eCoin shop.

ESTsoft Inc. is a subsidiary company of ESTsoft Corp., a South Korean application software development company. It is a publisher of online games, such as CABAL Online, a F2P stylish action MMORPG and the upcoming flagship title, CABAL II, through

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One thought on “CABAL Online Global Payments: ESTsoft & Xsolla Partnership Extended

  1. DreamON says:

    When will you bring back Mobile Payments? 2 months have passed and no news regarding Alternative Mobile Payment options……

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