Interview: “An Epic Journey Through Viking Purgatory” – Jotun

Passion is, quite often, an overlooked characteristic within the gaming industry as it is neither tangible nor palpable, but it can be what keeps the drive going when all else seems lost.

Will Dubé, designer and creator of Jotun, exemplifies this perfectly as he states, “Earlier this year, I quit my job as a mobile game designer to pursue my dream of making an indie game.”

Chasing a dream and making it into a reality is not something everyone can say they’ve done as passion is a key ingredient for driven success. I had the pleasure of connecting with Will, interviewing him on his new creation, Jotun, which I found thanks to Kickstarter. Let’s jump straight into the interview Q&A.

Interview with Will Dubé

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Will Dubé, creator and designer of Jotun, is pictured 2nd from the right.

– What is your studios gaming background? Can you give us a little info about you and your game?

Hi! My name is Will Dubé and I’m the creator of Jotun. We’re based in Montreal, Quebec. Earlier this year, I quit my job as a mobile game designer to pursue my dream of making an indie game. The plan was to go to Kickstarter to see if we could get people interested in the game. So far so good!

– How did you come up with Jotun? What were the early stages of development like?

Jotun comes from my love of ancient stories and mythologies. I’ve always thought there was something sacred in centuries-old stories like Beowulf and The Divine Comedy. Norse mythology is so rich and relatively unexplored in games and I knew it made sense to make a game in this setting.

The artwork and liquidity of the game is a serious eye-catcher!

The artwork and liquidity of the game is a serious eye-catcher!

– Did you consider how you were going to monetize when you conceived the game? How did this monetization model affect the development of the game?

From the start we knew we were making a “pay upfront” piece of entertainment. I have a decent amount of experience in free-to-play because of my mobile games background and I knew that that model would not fit Jotun.

– We noticed your game was featured on Kickstarter. How has your experience been using this platform?

Our experience with Kickstarter has been amazing! It’s so great to talk about the game with gamers who are totally invested in the success of Jotun. This has been a really great way to validate the project and to start building a community.

Explore and adventure in this beautiful 2D side-scroller.

Explore and adventure in this beautiful 2D side-scroller.

– Do you have any other projects coming up?

No! Jotun is the be-all, end-all for us!

– What have you learned from your experience thus far working with Jotun?

So much. Listing everything would require an article in itself. For me personally, one of the most amazing things has been gamers’ reactions to the game. It has been super positive so far and far exceeded our expectations!

aXfCvlh - Imgur

– What advice do you have for any other developers who are interested in putting out games?

Make games! A game does not exist until it is shipped. Finish what you start!

– Today, Jotun was Greenlit by the Steam Community in a near record-breaking 6 days. What’s going through your mind and how significant is this for the future development of Jotun?

This is just crazy. We want to thank the Steam community and everyone who voted from the bottom of our hearts. This means a million to the team and I! Now we have to deliver on a great game, but I know we can do it – especially with all of you behind us!

– Anything you’d like to say to fans, supporters, readers?

I just want to thank everyone so far for the amazing reception you have given Jotun. It means so much that you truly believe in our project. If you want to help out, make sure you check out our Kickstarter page!


About Jotun: Jotun is a 2D top-down action-exploration game for PC and Mac that takes you on an epic journey through Viking purgatory. Their Kickstarter is currently at $32k funded out of $50k so if you see what you like, head on over to show your support!

About Thunder Lotus Games: An indie game startup from Montreal founded by William Dubé. Their first game is Jotun.

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Click to head over to the Jotun Kickstarter Page!

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