Interview: “Pick Your Poison” – Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital

This past weekend at PAX Prime, Xsolla had the opportunity to speak with Graeme Struthers of Devolver Digital. Representing the publisher, Graeme spoke on the diversity of working with indie developers as well as his experiences at PAX including communicating with the fans.

Devolver Digital began its work in 2011 with the Serious Sam series. Collaboration was extremely successful and soon experts decided to focus on helping indie developers. A major breakthrough for the company happened with the release of the game, Hotline Miami from Dennaton Games. This project was extremely successful and has since continued to turn to Devolver for publishing along with dozens of other small studios from around the world.

The Talos Principle

“At our booth at PAX, we feature a diverse group of studios from all over the world that we work with. The features for this year include: Broforce from Free Lives Games (South Africa), Hotline Miami 2 of Dennaton Games (Sweden), The Talos Principle of Croteam (Croatia), and Titan Souls of Acid Nerve (Australia and the UK), “- says Graeme.

Over five years, Devolver Digital managed to open offices in London and Austin (Texas, USA). The main task was to issue Devolver’s games on Steam, but in recent years, the company has also started to cooperate with Sony. The publisher is in charge of migrating projects onto the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. Many developers are ready and enthusiastic to conquer the console and enter the cross-platform area of development.


Indie Games are coming to Devolver Digital in various states and at different stages of production. The company tries to showcase the projects as early as possible in order to identify early problems and weaknesses in the game design.

“Our company has been attending PAX for three consecutive years. We are not here to just showcase our projects, but also to see how people experience gameplay and learn about what they like or do not like. We tried to show the game as soon as possible to immediately eliminate obvious errors and controversial decisions in the design. Through such meetings, we can adapt to the audience and improve projects. PAX is also a friendly event and it is nice to walk around and chat with the fans, “- explains Graeme.

When asked about his favorite featured title at the booth, Graeme states that it is difficult to identify his favorite game. He goes on to quote,

“I can not choose from our portfolio of games. It’s like choosing your favorite child. They’re all like me.”

Titan Souls

2014 proved to be extremely successful and busy for Devolver. The company has already released the popular game, Luftrausers, and is also preparing to release the militant shooter, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number as well as the adventure project, Dropsy. Besides publishing games, Devolver is engaged in the distribution of films so check out some of their great work if you are an advocate of the entertainment industry!

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