Gamescom 2014: Chinese Company Moves to the West


During Gamescom 2014 Xsolla had a chat with We’ve discussed the current strategy of the Chinese company at the western markets, talked about the most efficient ways of marketing, monetizing games and discussed the prospects of browser games in Europe and Turkey.

Could you tell a couple of words about your company?

Our company is called We do browser and mobile games publishing. At first we have only published games in China and now we also publish them in Taiwan, Hong-Kong and South-East Asia. We are expanding our market to the English-speaking countries and also Turkey. You can expect to see us at Western markets this year.

Do you help developers only with marketing of their games or do you also work with localization and payment methods?

We have a big gamiing platform. The developers just need to provide their game product. We do the rest. We help with the localization, the payment methods, integration, marketing, promoting and also operations.

How much do you take fro your services?

It all depends on the game, the developers.

What do you look for at Gamescom? Are you looking for new markets or maybe for some games?


Currently we are looking for some browser games and also mobile games. Also we are looking for a marketing channel and payment methods is Europe. We don’t have representatives in the Russia yet.

Right now developers prefer to do mobile games and forget about browser-based products. Could you comment on this trend?

I think maybe the future trend lies in cross-platform games, not only mobile games. Players can play anytime and anywhere. That’s what we’re planning to do. In the future we plan to expand our business to console platforms.

What about 3D in browser games? Do you work with 3D-games?

With 3D-games, which use Unity, the marketing and promotion is very different. The conversion rate would be much lower. So for these kinds of games we prefer to do more PR, to work with community and publish more articles in the media.

What are the best ways to market browser-based games?

These games are very easy to pick up. Users just need to open their browser and start playing. So currently for marketing such games we just use a lot of marketing channels on the Internet and attract as much players as possible.

What do you think are the best ways to monetize browser games: in-game currency, virtual goods, starter packs?

I think it depends on the market. For example in China players are very competitive. They like PvP and don’t mind paying to get an advantage in battle. It China you could sell items directly to the players. But I think for Western market this approach doesn’t work. Players need to feel that the game is fair for everyone. So it’s better to sell some consuming goods that fasten the general progress in the game.

If you had to choose between attracting new users and better retention, what would you choose?

I think both of these techniques are important. Our marketing department keeps bringing new users and our operations team organizes events and updates platform features to hold users in game.

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