Secrets of Pricing Games in Early Access: Carmageddon Story

 Slice and Dice your way to victory with the all new Carmageddon: Reincarnation!


Xsolla was able to talk with the director and publisher of Stainless Games, Jason Garber. This studio is mainly known for Carmageddon, which was released in 1997 and instantly became a huge hit. Aiming for a comeback, Jason and his team are building Carmageddon: Reincarnation. Jason explains how the company works with the audience, as defined by the price of the product at the stage of early access, and why developers should be careful of discounting on an unfinished game.

High price for all except Russia

We have tried to make the price as clear and transparent for customers. Carmageddon: Reincarnation costs 20 pounds, 25 euros and 30 dollars. If you use too complex a pricing policy, it may dissuade potential fans from ever trying the game in the first place.

However, we can’t set the same price for Russia. In this region, we set the cost at 699 rubles which equates to approximately $20. This exception is due to the fact that in Russia, we have a larger fan base. It would be amazing to choose a more suitable price tag for other countries as well, but we have little experience in these regions. However, Carmageddon: Reincarnation will not have a regional block in-game meaning that the game can be run in any location (with the exception of Russia and CIS).


Carmageddon - EA

Q: What platforms will Early Access support?
The Early Access release is for Windows PC only, via Steam. Following the Final Release, the game will also be ported to the Mac and Linux platforms, and the DRM-free non-Steam version will also be made available. As we said before, we are targeting other platforms besides PC, MAC and Linux and will make announcements when we know more.

Although our game is currently in Early Access, the support and adoption of the game has been fantastic. We are not going to hold any type of Early Access sale because if the game costs $30 this week and only $15 the next, there will be disparage amongst our fans and reactions will trend towards the negative side. The fans who support us and buy the Early Access are, in most cases, our most loyal fans who believe in our project and want to help in any way they can to see the game succeed.



Stainless Games took to crowd-funding, specifically Kickstarter, to gain the initial traction needed to jumpstart their game. The goal was to raise around $400,000 in order to produce the game. Within 10 days since starting the Kickstarter campaign, Carmageddon would hit the $400,000 mark. The next big goal was set at $600,000 which would then enable developers to create a version for the Mac and Linux. This target was met by the end of the campaign on June 6, 2012 raising a total of $625,143.


We are trying to increase the number of sales by adding great content. When you purchase Carmageddon: Reincarnation, you get a free copy of the game on Steam as well. You also receive a FREE copy of the original 1997 version of Carmageddon to quench your nostalgia.



We have a small but stable stream of sales on Steam. We will not pretend that Carmageddon: Reincarnation see’s results like DayZ or Rust does but we have a good basis and a solid fan base. This shows that there is demand for the game. If you are interested in destroying everything in sight with a beefed up monster car, Carmageddon definitely is the game for you. People are rediscovering the Carmageddon brand which has and will continue to dominate this niche market.

Thanks for your time Jason and good luck to Carmageddon moving forward with their reincarnation.

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