Interview: “You Lookin’ At My Ham?!” – Barbarian Brawl

“A 20 player real-time barbarian fighting game… because sometimes you just want to smash people’s heads in!” – Barbarian Brawl

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Xsolla had the pleasure of interviewing Rob Ollett, CEO of Thrillion, about his newest game in development, Barbarian Brawl.

Barbarian Brawl Info.

Currently awaiting to get Steam Greenlit, Barbarian Brawl is a 3rd person action packed multiplayer arena battler where you take on other players to see who the best of the best barbarian is… and to win delicious ham.

Take to the battlefield weapons of all sorts including swords, axes, scythes, hammers, and maces to inflict as much damage as possible against your foes. Slash apart your opponents limb by limb and watch as they fall apart in front of you (literally). With 20 player battlefields, mayhem is within the essence of Barbarian Brawl. Chase down those weaklings and send them on a one way ticket to Valhalla!


Q: First off, what is your studios gaming background? Can you give us a little info about your company, your game, and yourself?

A: Although our publishing company Thrillion is new it has a great history in gaming. I personally have been in the games industry for 16 years and worked on a wide range of different titles. I’d say the biggest project I have led was the development and launch of Battlestar Galactica Online MMO. It was great fun building a space game and also working with a Hollywood studio such as Universal. My partner is from South Korea and she has 14 years experience in the console and MMORPG markets. Her greatest success to date was the International sales and distribution of the Rappelz MMO.

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Q: How did you guys conceive Barbarian Brawl? What was the inspiration from and what were the early stages of development like?

A: We had a lot fun playing games such as Chivalry and started to think what a PvP brawler with a cell shaded feel would be like. Thrillion has developed the game with Artplant a studio based in Oslo, Norway. Myself and the Artplant CEO Jack Wulff have been keen to make a game with swords and axes for a while. The early stages of the development were really exciting, seeing the first characters come to life and being able to engage in prototype combat.

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Q: Did you consider how you were going to monetize when you conceived the game? How did this monetization model affect the development of the game?

A: We spent a long time considering whether to build a pay-to-download or free-to-play game. It was agreed that we go with a retail model due to targeting Steam as our first platform for launch. We are also planning a free-to-play version for

Q: How do payments affect how you add content to your game?

A: As we add more content we will look to adapt our business model, pricing and payments. Obviously we need to get through Greenlight on Steam first. But, once we are fully published we will look for more potential ways to monetise.

Q: What sorts of payment systems do you use and what really works best for you?

A: Currently we are looking to use the Steam payment services. We also have a pre-order system in place with Humble Store and carry a Humble Widget on our home page As we move to other platforms we will look to expand our eco-system of payment providers.

Q: Do you have any other projects coming up?

A: We do but it’s a little early to announce them 🙂

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Q: What have you learned from your experience thus far with Barbarian Brawl?

A: We’ve learned that the indie game scene is thriving around the world and because of its popularity it’s an incredibly busy space. This makes discoverability and community building much bigger tasks than in the past.

Q: What advice do you have for any other developers who are interested in putting out games?

A: Believe in your game and keep selling it and proselytising about it across all media.

Message from the developer: We are really close to being greenlit on Steam. Please come to our page and vote ‘YES’.

If you like what you see and are interested in playing Barbarian Brawl, head on over to their Steam Greenlight page and vote to have an opportunity in obtaining 1 of 10 Steam key giveaways!

Thanks for taking the time to interview with us about your game and we definitely look forward to when your game launches!

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