Nexon Provides Worldwide Coverage via Xsolla

Nexon America has teamed up with Xsolla to provide the best user experience possible worldwide.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 4.21.00 PM

Nexon has decided to go with Xsolla over Playspan starting October 1st in order to provide better coverage worldwide. Whenever a Nexon gamer desires to purchase NX Points, Xsolla’s services will be implemented throughout the procedure to ensure maximum protection, localized payment options, and over 600 alternative payment methods.

Xsolla’s Major Features

Nexon chose Xsolla, in-part, due to a few major features including: MicroTheme, Reconciliation Process, Multi-Currency Pricing, Advanced Anti-Fraud Management, and 24/7 Multi-Continental Customer Support. We will take a quick look into all the new features.

“We’ve recently integrated with Xsolla and it only took three days! I was surprised at how easy it was to set up multi-currency prices as I was able to do it on my own without the help of any integration managers or developers.” – Ashish Agarwal (Nexon)

Paystation MicroTheme

Xsolla’s Paystation provides the user over 600 payment methods to choose from highlighting the most popular local payment methods available as well as a simple UI. Through geotargeted location analysis, Xsolla’s Paystation will recognize where you are trying to purchase points from and accordingly show the popular localized payment methods available. This makes the payment process short, simple, and personalized.

Xsolla Reconciliation Process

Specialists at Xsolla have generated a process in which the user can obtain all transaction data through the API. Riot Games implements this process as well in order to gain insight into consumer spending behaviors and, in general, to provide better service for their gamers. Daily reconciled data is available through our Merchant API which is also available on demand.

All data is completely available and transparent for the user. We show any additional charges, refunds, rejected payments, as well as conversion rates and location of transactions. Analysis of this data will prove to be invaluable as insight into consumer spending habits will provide a better understanding on how to improve the service.

Multi-Currency Pricing

Depending on your location, you can now purchase virtual currency and goods off Nexon via your local currency. Nexon now supports multi-currency pricing through Xsolla’s easy-to-manage tools. No development resources will be needed to change the pricing and anybody from the marketing team to the developer can do so with ease.

With the upcoming hyped release of their newest F2P multiplayer shooter, Dirty Bomb, Nexon looked to secure and update their payment systems. Xsolla looks forward to a fruitful relationship with Nexon and we are thrilled at the opportunity to provide Nexon customers a unique and convenient service.

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