Crytek Implementation: Behind the Scenes

Xsolla provides our partners with custom solutions no matter the size or status of the company. We work exclusively with custom integrations, deciding not to provide box solutions in order to cater our services specifically to each partner as we see each account as being unique. Box solutions also leave potential pitfalls uncovered which may jeopardize the integration process and we feel much more confident customizing each aspect per client.

Crytek and Xsolla have partnered up to provide Warface with loads of cool new features.

Here’s a list of the new features implemented under the Crytek & Xsolla integration:

1) Place payment interface in-game using webkit – no need to launch browser. Payment interface styled to fit smoothly in the game:

Warface CC

2) Users can make Xsolla payments with their own Steam Wallet.  This means you can see Steam revenue right in your Xsolla Merchant Panel (no need to log into Steam).

3) Price points and currency are set based on user’s locale (auto-detected based on IP address and other information).  User selects their price package first, then pays in the next step, for a smoother experience.

Warface (price point)

4) Users can redeem coupons for virtual currency or virtual items.

5) Xsolla can import all payment data from previous billing providers, including users, vouchers, offers, transaction history, events, etc. Support team can check pre-Xsolla transactions to help users with any account issues.

6) Advanced payment analytics via Capsidea (live demo)

7) Ability to manage payment methods on a per-project basis (see screenshot).  Simply go to Merchant Panel > Projects > Payment Systems, and activate or de-activate as needed.


Right now we are working on improvements in users wallet, SMS payments and ability to sell virtual items for real money.

Stay tuned for new updates.

If you have any questions or want to request a missing feature, please send us a message to our integration managers.

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