Interview: German Payment System – micropayment™ GmbH

Team micropayment™ opened our eyes recently in a detailed interview covering their services, the German gaming/payments market, and why they chose Xsolla as a partner.

Germany has become Europe’s largest revenue generator within the gaming industry. This could be because it boasts the #1 payer/player ratio in the world with approximately 70% of their gamers paying for games. (NewZoo Research).

While Germany is #1 in the world for payer/player ratio, they are ranked 4th in terms of total global revenue rankings. German gamers are segmented into the following: 80% of the 39.8 million German gamers play online social/casual games primarily with the rest following up with PC/Mac and smartphone games.

micropayment™ GmbH

micropayment™ GmbH specializes in safe, quick, and optimal payment methods via the internet. Their package service offers 6 unique types of services including: Call2Pay, Direct Debit, MobilePay, eBank2Pay, Credit Card, and Bank Transfer. Easy to use White Label API’s and interfaces for quick integration exemplify micropayment™ as registration is very simple, easy, and free.


Let’s go ahead and jump straight into the interview now with the micropayment™ GmbH team.


Q: First off, can you tell us a little about your company and the service you provide?

A: micropayment™ is one of the biggest payment service providers in Europe. We have registered offices in Germany and Switzerland. We founded our company in 2005 in Berlin and started with one of our most popular payment methods named Call2Pay, what for example is available via Xsolla too.

In the following years we extended our portfolio with the most important payment methods on the worldwide market and developed a lot of additional services, like security systems, statistic tools and many more. And that is definitely not the end!

How Alan Kay said: “The best way to predict the future, is to shape it by yourself.” – That’s exactly, how we are working. There is not a single day where our team isn’t making a new innovation.

Q: How popular is your payment system in terms of users and reach?

A: At the moment we are working together with about 6,000 active business partners worldwide who are providing about 15,000 active websites overall. With our six different payment methods, we can process payments from all over the world and reach billions of customers. Within the last years we increased our revenues very strong from month to month and there is no end of this expansion foreseeable.


List of references.

Q: What are the benefits to Game Developers for using your payment service?

A: The benefits are clear: With our six different payment methods we are offering exactly that payment mix that is needed to give your users the payment possibilities they want. Further our very flexible API- & Websystem can make possible almost every needed individual function. We provide an innovative statistic and export system to all merchants and offer different professional payment themes. But also unique payment designs can be set up individually by every partner. By our huge experience in the business, we don’t just advise our partner about the payment, but also about the completely games business. We are working together with some of the biggest publishing and developing companies for online games, like European Games Group, Vertigo Games, upjers, Gameduell and a lot more. So you see, there is a lot knowhow to optimize processes the most possible ways.

Q: What makes you different from other payment systems? Any unique features?

A: micropayment™ is a full service provider. The customization ability makes it possible for each of our partners, to create exactly the unique features they wish from their payment service provider. Besides that, most of the other payment providers unlearned to focus broadly. A matching payment mix like micropayment™ is offering, increases revenues, conversion rates and user satisfaction. Further we are working together with partners of all sizes without differentiation. The best example for this is Playa Games, who developed the popular game Shakes & Fidget. We started our cooperation in 2009 and growth our partnership from year to year. Besides that, our systems are developed with a clear focus on security. With our innovative verification systems, encryption or sealing methods, we give you the strongest possible safety.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the local market you work with?

A: The local games market in Europe is one of the biggest in the world besides America and Asia. Especially the German market is growing and growing. The first half of 2014 showed a growth of 6%. The overall revenues via the German games market were 752 million Euros, said*. The most important parts are the free to play and the mobile games business.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 3.27.26 PM

Infographic from NewZoo

Q: Are there any legal/financial barriers or considerations publishers must face before entering your region?

A: Germany is famous for the bureaucracy. Nevertheless it’s easy to found a new company in Germany. Germany is still the country of thinkers and makers and the country is world’s largest export country. Further Germany and especially Berlin is home of the most startups and the fastest growing market for new businesses and companies. What you just have to note are laws about youth protection, copyright and especially about data security. German people are very sensitive about their data and want to read privacy statements of the game publisher.

Q: What is the gaming mentality of local people? How does this mentality influence their payment behavior?

A: German gamers love to play via their smartphones at the moment. The revenues via selling Apps and provide in App products, grew by 133 percent in the first half of 2014 compared to 2013*. Because of this, the customer wants to see mobile optimized payment processes and responsive websites. micropayment™ is already offering that services for a long time. The most important thing is to realize a payment process that is serious and safe. Not just because of this, each of our payment windows contains informations about certificates like SSL, PCI:DSS, privacy statements, terms & conditions and a lot more.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 3.27.51 PM

Infographic from NewZoo

Q: What made you choose Xsolla as a partner?

A: We are working together with Xsolla since May 2010 and have a very close partnership. Xsolla is a great partner, who reaches a lot of publisher and developer and works very professionally. Further Xsolla is one of the leading cross-platform for monetization of online games and similar. It’s clear, that there are a lot of similarities. The growth of Xsolla is very remarkable too. We only saw benefits in a cooperation with Xsolla, what makes the decision to work together with Xsolla pretty simple. Every day, we are very proud to support Xsolla as their chosen cooperation partner.


Click for the micropayment website.



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