Interview: Turkish Payment Method – Basit Ödeme (Erkom)

Turkey has rapidly proven to become a major player in the gaming industry as there are more than 22.5 million gamers with approximately 61% of those gamers regularly paying for in-game goods and games.

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The Turkish gaming market ranks #18th in the world based on revenues but ranks #3 in shares of total time spent playing PC games at 70% (Newzoo). This can be due to the widespread adoption and popularity of MMO’s within Turkey as recent statistics state that 4 out of 18 Turkish MMO gamers play F2P game League of Legends. 98% of the 22.5 million gamers within Turkey own and play games on a PC as opposed to 71.9% Mobile gamers, 27.9% Tablet gamers, and 58.4% Console gamers. With the widespread popularity of gaming within Turkey, it is necessary for gamers to have a secure and accessible way to pay for digital games and in-game goods which is where Basit Ödeme and Xsolla come into play.

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When all of our payment channels are used, out of 10 users, 6 users use our services.

About Basit Ödeme

Basit Ödeme is a payment platform which enables you to purchase games, services and digital product services you want to buy on the internet in a reliable and quick way with cash payment choices without using a credit card.

In order to render much better service to you, our esteemed customers and business partners and to carry the business flow processes to the highest level, a new, quick and reliable website infrastructure in which our technical payment infrastructure has completely renewed. By means of this new generations digital game and purchase system, Basit Ödeme (Simple Payment), we target to respond to your problems and support requests in a quick manner.


What can you tell us about your company and the service you provide?

Basit Ödeme, an Erkom Computer establishment, is one of the payment system providers of gaming and digital products in Turkey. Basit Ödeme means Easy Payment in English. Among the payment options we provide to our customers in Turkey are bank transfers, ATM payments, payments through postal service, local pre-paid cards, local bank cards, Turkish e-wallet solutions, and internet café payment. Among our references are many companies such as BigPoint, Elex, GoodGame, Imperia, and Looki.

How popular is your payment system in terms of users and reach?

When all of our payment channels are used, out of 10 users, 6 users use our services. Our solution for payment system is the third most preferred payment option following credit card and e-pin.

What are the benefits to Game Developers for using your payment service?

As our company is in the activity within the gaming sector in Turkey for a long time, we know very well the desires and requests of the gamers in Turkey. The system we use have been developed by Turkish engineers and programmers. Therefore even a gaming company without any knowledge about Turkish market may have a wide scale of Turkish users by using our system.

What makes you different from other payment systems? Any unique features?

Our system is easy to use and can be understood easily by the Turkish users. The system developed only by us can work integrated to hundreds of internet cafes in Turkey and sell gaming products to online reseller web sites through our dealer system. It provides live support and customer services in Turkish and the customers can perform purchases by local debit cards, e-wallet, pre-paid cards and credit card and also it can provide sales through marketplace web sites in Turkey (such as E-bay Turkey).

Can you tell us a little about the local market you work with?

Turkey is a market with 75.5 million population, thereof 36 million are internet users and 22 million are gamers. Approximately it has a gaming market for 400 million $ annually.

60% of the male users and 40% of female users play games. The rate of the males who spend money on online games is 80% and this rate is 20% for the females.

Besides, there are about 7.5 million mobile banking customers in Turkey. As our youth population is high, the customers prefer quick, easy and cheap payment systems. Our company follows up the tendencies of Turkish users and carried out operations intended for this. Payment options, banking technologies, installments and different cash solutions are much better than many countries.

Are there any legal/financial barriers or considerations publishers must face before entering your region?

Of course, when the payment options are offered in Turkey, they are to be prepared in compliance with the taxation and legislation in Turkey. In the event that the payments are not taxed in compliance with, serious problems may be encountered. Therefore, as a result that the companies active in our market or the companies which have just entered into our market use our payment options, they can conduct their sales through a structure in full compliance with the legislation in Turkey and without encountering any legal problems.

What is the spending mentality of local people regarding games?

The customers in Turkey mostly buy games by credit card or Epin. In addition, many users prefer cash payment or pre-paid options we provide as they are not a customer of a bank or refrain from using credit card. Likewise some of the users use the options of installments for especially expensive products and benefit from credit card campaigns through marketplaces. Also mobile payment is preferred for orders of which sum is not high.

What made you choose Xsolla as a partner?

Our company, in order to reach many more users, cooperates with leading companies of the world. Xsolla is in activity in many markets particularly in Russian market. Therefore we reach the users and companies to which we cannot reach for any reason thanks to the cooperation we perform with Xsolla. Our company is the biggest partner of Xsolla with regard to cash payments in Turkey. So we can convey all of the payment options we provide to wider masses through Xsolla. Because the companies have agreements with Xsolla, they can reach our solutions in Turkey directly without any technical integration.

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