Interview: CEO Wang of Game Teahouse, Leading Games Resource Platform in China

Xsolla had the exciting opportunity to interview Mr. Wang, CEO of Game Teahouse which is one of the biggest gaming media companies in China. Mr. Wang gives his personal insight on the current and future development of the Chinese gaming industry.

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Game Teahouse, otherwise known translated as “Youxichaguan,” operates as one of the Southwest’s largest gaming media platforms in China with a specialization in the mobile gaming industry. They are best known for being one of the first to enter into the Chinese mobile gaming industry and for hosting a multitude of well-received gaming events, specifically once a month, year after year. Now as a household name within the Chinese Gaming Industry, Game Teahouse looks to expand their reach into new and exciting markets.

Let’s jump straight into the interview with Game Teahouse CEO, Mr. Wang.

Q1. Tell us about your company. What is Game Teahouse?

Game Teahouse is a famous mobile game industry media company and game resource platform. We are based in Chengdu city of the Sichuang Province in China. We offer our services to globalize mobile games, cover thousands of mobile game developers in China, provide and share first-hand game industry news, and help business cooperation between global game developers and publishers.

Q2. Other than reports and interviews, do you have any other game events? What are your main publication channels?

Our Gaming Products Demo Show covers new information on the press of small to middle sized PCs. Networking is highly valued as we introduce 20 unique products every event and meet more than 10 game publishers and investment companies. This aids us in our ability to generate an estimated, ten million in cash flow and investment. Publishers get started on the collaboration with the released unique products or games after the event.

We hold successful gaming events in the city of Chengdu, Xiamen, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. Currently we have held 10 big game events, invited more than ten thousands of people, and released over 200 games. Over 300 publishers came to our events and worked with more than 100 games which has generated 300 million transactions.

ceo, game, teahouse, china

CEO of Game Teahouse: Mr. Wang

Q3. Chengdu is a city famous for mobile games in China. Does Game Teahouse mainly focus on the mobile game industry?

Now, we only focus on mobile games and in China, the developers of online games and browser games are moving forward to making mobile games.

Q4. We’ve heard that 2014 was the year of mobile games as well as the IP year in China. What do you think of the Chinese game industry now and the future of mobile games?

Mobile games are developing crazily in China due to the large number of users and game developers. We have advanced mobile game developing techniques around the world, and more great works will come out overseas in the near future.

Q5. Do you have a business entity overseas? Can you tell us more about it?

Yes, one of our goals is to introduce news and reports about the foreign game markets to our Chinese game companies. Additionally, we are sending our visitor group to talk with people from other game markets. We will hold unique Gaming Events in different countries.

Q6. Now that many Chinese game companies are going/looking to go overseas, do you have any suggestions or advice for them?

My advice would be to immerse yourself into the culture and environment when you go overseas. This can be done by working with local partners, localizing your business to cater to the needs of the local people, and hiring the resident people for greater insight into the customs and traditions.Chinese, event, gaming, show

Q7. What do you think about the importance of game media in the industry?

Game media is crucial to the gaming industry as a whole. You need to know industry news when developing or publishing games. You also need a way to get your name out there and become a recognized brand to the people.

One aspect which makes us unique is that Teahouse not only focuses on media, but also holds offline game events. We also have an online B2B platform.

Q8. As one of the biggest game media companies, what’s your plan for the foreseeable future?

Our plan for the future includes: expanding business services to game companies, improving our efficiency, and exploring more great works. Another plan we have in our mind includes entering into the overseas market and eventually becoming the bridge between Chinese game companies and foreign companies.

A Final Word

picAspirations are high and Game Teahouse is settling for nothing less than global recognition through expansion. With the widespread adoption of the smartphone and, subsequently, mobile gaming, it comes as no surprise to see Game Teahouse looking to take charge with a full head of steam towards international markets.

A big thank you to CEO Wang for taking the time for this interview and we look forward to seeing you on the West Coast!

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