Why Crytek Chose to Integrate with Xsolla


Last year, Crytek became one of Xsolla‘s major partners, integrating our payment solution to their hit Free2Play shooter, Warface. Integration manager, Aleksandr Menshikov, talked about this transition and highlighted the main features Xsolla provided for Crytek.

Reasons to Switch Partners

There were a number of features that Crytek felt could further enhance customer experience in Warface, which were implemented by Xsolla during the integration:

1) Increased Transparency

Game developers and their marketing teams can greatly benefit from the ability to view all transactions in real-time. Unlike some payment solutions, which provide only monthly transaction numbers, we were able to satisfy Crytek’s need for a more flexible and comprehensive tool to monitor payments, payment dynamics, and user activity.

2) More Coverage in Emerging Markets

In Central and Eastern Europe, where online payments and credit cards showed significant growth in recent years, Xsolla offered Crytek deeper insights than ever into the success of their project.

3) Payment Form

In some payment solutions, users must first choose the preferable payment method and then the price point. This kind of experience completely contradicts Xsolla’s philosophy. Our integrators believe that the first thing the user has to choose is the good itself. Next, the payment method is always secondary because it really has very little value for the player. The reason for this is whenever the player has to take the time to choose between different payment methods, he will become completely distracted and forget all about the purchase. This is why conversion is much lower with this kind of payment process structure.


To meet Crytek’s needs, Xsolla used a number of solutions that have completely changed the user experience.

  1. Xsolla provided a customized payment interface which is opened in the pop-up window. Our team used Webkit to develop this solution, which united client-based games and web-based payment methods.
  2. Xsolla greatly increased the number of markets by providing more payment solutions for particular countries and specific regions. This allowed more traffic to be attracted into the game and also helped the conversion.

Xsolla continues to provide its technical expertise to Crytek, making sure that Warface continues to achieve impressive results all over the world.

You can learn about Xsolla’s product and extended services on our website.

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