Thailand: A Review of the Main Payment Methods

Xsolla researched and found many interesting facts about the most popular payment solutions in Thailand.

The Thai payment market has a number of distinctive features including the fact that most of the payment instruments to the region simultaneously serve also as aggregators. Often, in addition to several types of payment methods, such companies offer a wide variety of additional services.

The Largest Thai Payment Solutions

Among the most common payment solutions in Thailand include:

PaysBuy  – an aggregator with it’s own electronic wallet. The company allows you to pay for goods or services using credit/debit cards, bank transfers and cash. Transferring funds is a breeze as you only need to enter your email address and the recipient’s bank account to proceed. PaysBuy started offering it’s services beginning in 2004 and at the root of the company are people from the banking and financial sectors. PaysBuy puts great emphasis on security by using encryption: Secured Sockets Layer (SSL). The company holds a license from the State Bank of Thailand, allowing to conduct operations with electronic money.

Unitry  – another big aggregator that specializes in gaming payments. Unitry owns the platforms and, which are traded through pre-paid cards. When buying a card, the player is given additional virtual goods as a bonus and incentive to use their service. The company sells not only the card but also PC games as well. Unitry has it’s own software solution for all cards as well as it’s online wallet.

True Money  – widely seen as the leader in Thailand and part of True Corporation. The phenomenal success of this payment solution (60-70% of the market) is due to the unprecedented presence and insight into all areas of life in Thailand including: TrueMove, TrueMove H, TrueVisions, TrueOnline, TrueMoney, TrueLife +, TrueCoffee, TrueYou. The company is engaged in various business activities without focusing solely on payments. This huge corporation provides access to the Internet, cellular networks, televisions, electronic purse, and pre-paid cards.

The company is not an aggregator however. True Money has it’s own site for payments and payment cards which can be easily purchased in stores.

The True Money system is available in most retail outlets which explains the enormous popularity of their service among local players.

The Most Popular Payment Methods

In Thailand, virtual goods are paid through True Money or by cash primarily. In the latter case, the funds are transferred through retailers 7-Eleven and  Lotus.

All of the above payment solutions (PaysBuyUnitryTrue Money) provide opportunities to pay for goods in cash.

The popularity of this type of payment is largely due to the low prevalence of plastic cards and other alternative methods of disbursement. Cash is characteristic of many Asian countries and show no adverse effects on the conversion costs when using this type of payment method.

One of the major gaming companies, leaving the Thai market, connect only two ways to pay: True Money and cash payments. When this has been achieved, phenomenal results are represented and the main players experience substantial income. However, over-time, alternative payment methods have surfaced to take a piece of the pie.


When entering the country of South-East Asia, it is essential to study the characteristics of the local payment market. Every country in Asia offers it’s own unique set of payment instruments. For instance, in Thailand, it’s more common to use pre-paid cards, cash and electronic True Money. The Philippines, contrarily, has most payments in games go through mobile phones. Therefore, the main takeaway from this article would be to experience care and to not automatically use standard solutions which may only work for one area of interest.

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