Wallarm and Xsolla: Experience of Auditing Security


Xsolla documented the successful cooperative experience with Wallarm, the market leader in enterprise security.


Xsolla is constantly in a state of rapid evolution and growth which is a great thing but also comes with a few complicated downsides. We have deployed data centers in the United States and because of the large number of servers we implement, it boasts a seriously complicated infrastructure. The company began to face more and more challenges in the field of cyber-security. After a vicious DDoS attack on our servers, the team began to seriously consider securing the hard, stored work. To protect ourselves, it was necessary to make a detailed study of the present system and eliminate all vulnerable areas and errors which could lead to cyber-attacks within the internal network of the company. First, it was necessary to understand what actions could be carried out by the hackers if and when they infiltrated our network. After carefully observing and studying the market, we listened to the recommendations of QRATOR and the Xsolla security department decided to turn to Wallarm for their services.


Wallarm and Xsolla got together to address the situation at hand and formulate a response to the threat of cyber-attacks and hackers.

First, we conducted an external scan of our system called a penetration test to search for existing vulnerable areas and weak-spots that would allow penetration into our system. After simulating a cyber hacking attack for a few days, auditors were able to find critical vulnerabilities within our system which could threaten the security of Xsolla.

After the audit had been completed, we were able to identify and produce a detailed roadmap of weak-spots in which our engineers could proceed to remove all detected vulnerabilities within the Xsolla system. Every instance of vulnerability had to be addressed by our engineers and with complete and total care. Each breach or questionable element within the system also had to be described in detail to the best of our abilities.

During the first phase of cooperation, Wallarm representatives came to visit Xsolla’s Perm office with a presentation ready. We were informed of the intricate techniques hackers use to penetrate the system, told of the dangers we potentially face, and the weak/strong areas of the Xsolla infrastructure.

Within 2-3 months, Xsolla was able to close all discovered vulnerabilities within our system and, consequently, proceeded to the second stage of strengthening the security system. Wallarm carried out a full audit of the existing system’s infrastructure and in contrast to the penetration test which was carried out externally, a new test named “black box” was conducted internally. We provided full information about our network including both servers and connections. During the audit, Wallarm developed a list of great recommendations to follow including strengthening the code itself which allowed for the closure of potential vulnerabilities still in-place.

The Result

The audit resulted in significantly improving the protection of the Xsolla computer network:

  • The entire infrastructure is now divided into segments which are isolated from each other. All of these elements interact with one another under stringent control.
  • Based on the recommendations presented by Wallarm, all security systems are up-to-date and to standard.
  • A complete analysis and restructuring of issues of the rights and powers of employees. Previously, there was no single systematic approach to this issue.
  • The response time to hacker attacks and penetration has dramatically increased after implementation of a monitoring system that tracks all events within the system. If there is any strange activity or system penetration occurring, administrators will notice activity quickly and handle it accordingly.
  • Fixed many minor bugs and problems.

Wallarm’s audit will greatly increase the response time for an attack by identifying exactly where the penetration occurs within our system and what actions hackers are using to gain access into our system.

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