Xsolla Miniclip Integration: 35% Revenue Increase


Xsolla integrated with Miniclip and the results speak for themselves.


Xsolla integration manager, Aleksandr Menshikov, spoke in detail about his work with one of the biggest flash game portals on the Web: Miniclip.

We’ve started to work with Miniclip in 2014. The company is considered to be one of the oldest web portals with flash games. Miniclip is also famous for it’s mobile products which are heavily featured on the Windows Phone store and other big app stores as well. This time, we’re working solely on the web portal: www.miniclip.com.


Before Xsolla, Miniclip was accepting in-game payments through PlaySpan. This solution proved to be trustworthy and reliable, but later the owners of the website found a number of issues with the service.

  • Technically, PlaySpan was able to provide only a limited number of payment systems and, consequently, coverage in various regions was extremely limited. The lack of interface customization and strict interface guidelines became obsolete in this day and age where payment interfaces can be easily customized according to the client’s requirements.
  • PlaySpan became a part of VISA. Unfortunately, this acquisition caused a decrease in PlaySpan’s activities and a sharp decline in revenue and cashflow.
  • PlaySpan’s integration with various payment methods also left much to be desired. Miniclip had to sign up each payment system separately, which took a lot of resources and time.


The transition to Xsolla was an instant success because of a number of factors.

  • Using our extensive presence in various regions which includes a wide variety of alternative payment solutions, Xsolla managed to increase Miniclip’s revenues considerably.
  • One of the methods Xsolla used during the integration was careful analysis of user feedback. Specialists monitored payment habits of players and managed to find payment systems that were extremely effective in particular regions and even particular cities.


  • By connecting to Xsolla, Miniclip was able to increase the range of payment solutions and reduce the number of fields required to fill in to go through with the payment interface. These steps allowed Miniclip to increase sales by 35% and, consequently, improve the conversion rate of Paypal, Credit Cards, and other payment methods.
  • Xsolla audited the traffic and reviewed anti-fraud filters. This allowed Miniclip to increase their conversion rate. Many users who were previously banned were finally given the right to pay and because of this, successful conversion rates increased to 86%, compared to 50-55% which was the prior average.
  • Xsolla significantly customized the games interface. We’ve scaled down the whole payment environment and created a new micro-theme specifically for Miniclip, which proved to be very effective.


Xsolla continues to work with Miniclip on customizing the payment interface as well as performing additional marketing promos through our payment partners. We’re also working hard on making payments on Miniclip’s website faster and more reliable.


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