Paygarden: Paying for In-Game Goods Using Gift Cards


Xsolla speaks on the work of American startup, Paygarden, which allows you to pay for gaming products using gift cards for the world’s largest brands.

Market Gift Cards in the US

In the US, it is quite popular for the world’s largest brands to distribute and sell gift cards for their store. These gift cards can be of varying custom values and can be used to pay for goods virtually or at the particular retail chain itself. For example, you can use a Starbucks gift card to purchase coffee at any Starbucks and similarly, you can use a Walmart gift card for transactions at any Walmart chain in-store or digitally on their online store.

Gift cards are usually given as gifts during sales, typically for the holidays. In many cases, these gift cards to particular stores go unused due to a variety of reasons and the card owner is left feeling restricted to purchasing something from a store that they do not desire to spend the gift card in. Paygarden provides a solution for this problem and makes it so that you can use your otherwise “useless” gift card to purchase digital goods online.

Payment of goods in-game through Paygarden

Paygarden essentially resells gift cards and makes it so that you can use that specific gift card to purchase in-game goods. The company operates exclusively in the USA and only accepts American gift cards. Paygarden has featured activities which allows the company to pay directly to the game itself.

Implementing the gift card into the system is simple: you must first enter the code and other identifying information in the appropriate fields and after obtaining this information, the Paygarden system instantly finds the purchase proposal from the card and the gamer receives the respective funds to use in-game.

Benefits of Paygarden

The big advantage of using Paygarden compared to it’s many competitors, is it’s wide coverage. Their service accepts cards from over 40 American brands including Gap, Starbucks, Toys R Us, Walmart, and GameStop (full list available here).

Experience and research from big games already subscribed to this service such as (Warthunder by Gaijin Entertainment) show that customers are happy to get rid of their gift cards of any denomination. Most of these cards are received as gifts for free anyways and people often do not use the full amount on the card, if any of it, because it is so restricted to one brand. These gift cards are then left idle in their wallets.

Gift cards are found everywhere you go in the US

Gift cards are found everywhere you go in the US

Paygarden‘s service allows you to immediately get rid of all those unwanted gift cards and instead, receive a significant amount of virtual goods, without spending out-of-pocket money. For games, gift cards allow you to partially cover the segment of users who may never would have paid for the purchase of virtual goods.

In fact, we have a virtually untouched niche in the market of alternative payments and whoever takes the initiative will reap the benefits of the market.

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