Xsolla Partners with Amazon Providing Payments In-game


Last year we posted on the blog about Amazon’s entry into the gaming industry. Today, we are proud to announce that Xsolla is joining the Amazon Partners Program to work with Amazon Payments in order to offer users a better and more inclusive payment experience.

Amazon Payments Introduction

Amazon Payments was founded in 2007 to allow customers in the USA to buy goods and services from their online Amazon account. Without adding any additional costs and without having to re-input your credit card information every purchase, your payment can go through any third party website connected to Amazon.

Amazon Payments offers different products and features to both customers and merchants. Let’s look at the different payment methods offered:

For Customers

American Credit Cards

Amazon Payments supports all cards from a verified bank in the USA, including Visa (including the Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card), MasterCard/EuroCard, Discover, American Express, Diner’s Club (U.S. billing addresses only), JCB NYCE, STAR, China UnionPay (credit card only), Amazon.com Store Card Visa, MasterCard, & American Express pre-paid credit or gift cards.

For Business

Amazon Payments works with businesses to help promote their products and services, to gain more customers, and to increase the transaction traffic. Within a few weeks, the merchant can set up their Amazon Payments system integration. More details about the integration can be found here.

There are three main payment methods for businesses:

Checkout by Amazon

Checkout by Amazon is an e-commerce solution developed by Amazon. This solution allows merchants to accept US Amazon account information for use in Amazon Payments. Users do not have to enter the card number and other information when checking out.

Amazon Simple Pay

Amazon Simple Pay provides a way to easily accept Amazon Payments on your website. The difference between Simple Pay and Checkout by Amazon is the lack of additional services related to the processing of orders including: promo, taxes, and delivery.

All of the above payment methods offer companies access to users’ personal information stored on the servers of Amazon. Amazon Payments also allows full automation of payments and transaction protection from fraud.

Xsolla and Amazon

Most recently Xsolla became a participant in the Amazon Partners Program. Xsolla will work with Amazon to provide players and developers better payment practices and options globally. Xsolla and Amazon’s partnership will provide a fast and affordable way to pay for projects and we are excited to see what results this partnership will bring for the future.

Want to know more about Xsolla? Check us out!

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One thought on “Xsolla Partners with Amazon Providing Payments In-game

  1. stevenbdngs says:

    Will this forward thinking tech from Amazon ever find it’s way to Europe? I mean it has to be able to do something.. If there was a serious competitor as an online retail force the likes of Amazon, they could make a killing. We have Amazon Payments but I don’t think we even have Simple Pay – we don’t even have the grocery delivery option, and forget about delivery by drones for at least a decade!! Looks like Amazon France are onto some innovation at least: http://serviceclientcontacter.website/amazon-numero-service-client/

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