Interview with Alliance Warfare: A F2P Strategy Game

Alliance Warfare

Mark Sorella of Districtware (Alliance Warfare) recently answered a few interview questions regarding his game, studio, and Xsolla’s services in-game. 

Alliance Warfare is a free to play strategy game where you build mighty cities, train massive armies and conquer the world.

Let’s jump straight into the interview:



1. Could you give us a couple words about your company? Where are you based, how long have you been making games and what kind of games have you made before?

We are based in Montreal, Canada. Established in 2013, we currently make free-to-play MMO web browser war strategy games.

2. How was Alliance Warfare born? What was the main idea behind the game? What are the game’s main features?

Alliance Warfare started off as a hobby for 2 developers working nights from home and we began development of the game in early 2012. The main idea behind Alliance Warfare is to provide a game where people can escape from the real world and enter a world where they can be Emperor and lead their armies to victory in a medieval setting.


Our main features include:

– A City Build mode allowing player to customize their empire and cities like no other game of its kind.

– Hiring and upgrading of Heroes and Generals.

– Finding and crafting equipment (such as weapons and armors) to equip their Generals with, increasing their attributes and making them stronger.

– Recruiting troops and forging armies to enter battle with.

– Creating and/or joining Alliances.

– A large Technology tree.

– A strong social community.

– Strategic battle mechanics.

3. Could you describe how Alliance Warfare developed over the course of time? What features have you added since the release of the first build?

Since early 2013, Alliance Warfare has progressed a lot by the addition of many new features. We believe that players like some new stuff from time to time to keep the game fresh. We have added things like, the “Alliance Territory” which gives alliance members the opportunity to complete daily tasks and get rewards from them. We have also added new technologies, as well as new building materials over time. We have even gone as far as improving graphics and playing performance. We also came out with a new Version 2 of the game called Alliance Warfare Salvation in early 2015 with many new changes and features.


4. Could you tell us the main difficulties in bringing the classical city-building infrastructure online? What did you have to cut and what new features did you implement into the game?

Well to be very honest, we did not really have any difficulties in the development of the game. Technology allowed us to pretty much do anything we wanted to. Obviously being a web browser game, we had to keep the game size as low as possible and had to cut out lots of animations and things of that nature that are very heavy. Our biggest struggles at first was not the development of the game but the acquisition of players and the growth of our player base; that was not an easy task for us at first.

5. Could you tell us a bit about the monetization system in your game? How do you balance the whole pay to win thing and how do you know what resources you should sell and what should be earned in-game?

Like most free-to-play games, in-game purchases are available in our product. We, however, try and minimize the need for players to spend a large amount of money in order to compete. Obviously, spending money will help you grow faster but all players have a chance to grow big with time. The player also doesn’t need to spend in order to compete in the long run.


6. How do you use Xsolla’s services in your game and how do our products help you with making your game more accessible and increasing your sales?

Xsolla is our primary international payment gateway and, unless purchasing in US funds, players are directed to use Xsolla. For us, it’s great as Xsolla offers a wide range of payment options and we don’t need to use 10 different companies.

7. Could you tell us a little about the way you’ve optimized the fantastic visuals for the browser? The game looks like a client-based product.

Yes, our game is a client-based product and we were able to get pretty nice graphics in the game considering that it is a browser game with very little asset download. Images are not very heavy if compressed well and we did, however, substitute adding lots of animations to compensate. However, our product is a strategy game which means graphics and animations are not as important as some other games.

8. How many users do you have? What countries have the biggest amount of users? How do you manage this community? How do you retain and how do you attract new customers?

We have about 100k users across all our servers. Our biggest market is in the US, followed by the UK and Canada. We have a great community manager and customer service department to manage all our users. Most of our acquisitions come from Facebook and social networks as well as advertising on MMO websites.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 12.55.37 PM

Simple and easy payments from Xsolla.

9. Where does Alliance Warfare stand in the today’s fight on mobile and browser-based titles? What do you think will happen with browser-based projects in the future and how do you think the market will change in a couple of years?

There is no doubt that the mobile game industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. These leaps have somewhat reduced the browser base games market but we strongly believe that there is no substitute for playing games on a computer. The key to the success of most games of this nature is to be available on both Mobile and PC platforms.

Thanks for taking the time to interview and speak with us about your game and company Mark! It’s been a pleasure speaking with you and we hope your game finds much success moving forward.

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