Xsolla Announces Free Analytics Package Powered by Slemma

Xsolla is happy to announce a free analytics package powered by Slemma for an inclusive data visualization solution.

The free Xsolla Analytics Package includes Payment Analytics and Game Analytics. These products will further expand the range of Xsolla’s services and complement it’s existing reporting tools. Constantly enhancing and improving it’s products, Xsolla strives to present only the best solutions in the business. Partnering with Slemma will allow Xsolla to provide it’s customers with even deeper insights into the world data.

Payment Analytics

Payment Analytics powered by Slemma provides endless possibilities for companies that want to learn as much as possible about their in-game purchases. By connecting their Xsolla Merchant Account to Slemma, Xsolla’s partners will get access to payment metrics which are not directly available otherwise including:

  • KPI: revenue, ARPPU, paying users, average payment.
  • Measuring of profits in multiple currencies.
  • Conversion analysis: paid purchases, users completing the purchase, new/existing paying users.
  • Advanced credit card analytics: conversion, decline reasons, distribution by issuing banks and card brands.
  • Geography: user location, language, time zone
  • User Platforms: OS, browsers, mobile devices, screen resolution.
  • Conversion by payment methods and geography.
    Purchased bundles, virtual currency and items.

Slemma provides flexible teamwork and access control features: Xsolla’s users can share datasets and dashboards with team members across various access levels. Advanced access control features are available by request.

The service requires no extensive integration from the partner’s side. Slemma can simply be connected in a couple of clicks in the web browser.



  • Automatic data update every 24 hours
  • One-click integration
  • Secure data transfer
  • Detailed in-depth reports
  • Free to all Xsolla clients

Xsolla Game Analytics

Game Analytics is a powerful analytical tool for online game study and it is powered by Slemma. The connection with the game works through a secure Xsolla Game Analytics API. This versatile solution provides access to KPIs not available in the Payment Analytics:

  • New Users
  • Active Users
  • Sessions
  • Monetization
  • Retention
  • ARPU

Game Analytics grants an opportunity to work with a wide variety of data attributes for any in-game event. For example, for a registered user, you could add the code of the landing page, the marketing campaign or the banner to make your metrics more efficient.

You could also enrich your reports with a wide variety of additional data: user level, class, amount of health and number of hours in game, etc. All these attributes could be used during the creation of the reports which makes Xsolla Game Analytics an incredibly handy tool for filtering users, grouping metrics, etc.

Xsolla Game Analytics Features:

  • Easy management and admin tools
  • Custom events creation
  • A wide range of supported data keys (up to 100 keys in one event)
  • Simple easy to implement API
  • Incredibly detailed interactive data reports
  • Wide variety of visualization options
  • Xsolla Game Analytics is free for all Xsolla partners

“Xsolla is constantly expanding it’s range of services in order to build a universal system for online games management. Xsolla Analytics and Xsolla Game Analytics are worthy additions to Xsolla’s range of services. These tools provide our clients with unprecedented access thanks to the power of Slemma. By partnering with Slemma, Xsolla received a complex and incredibly flexible visualization solution that easily copes with any amount of data and proves invaluable for building complex analytical reports for the online games industry” – Aleksandr Agapitov, Xsolla CEO.

“We’re excited to provide our expertise and technologies to the leading provider of billing solutions and game sales on the market. Xsolla’s clients will definitely benefit from interactive charts, reports and powerful game analysis tools provided by Free Xsolla Analytics Package. With Slemma’s powerful visualization tech and abundance of supported data formats it’s now easier than ever to structure your data and benefit from its analysis” – Aleksey Yudin, Slemma CEO.

About Slemma

Slemma is a cloud-based information visualization solution. It’s an easy and open toolset that lets working with any amounts of data easily and build comprehensive and complex interactive infographics ideal for the modern day and age of Internet. The structured and beautifully organized information graphs build by Slemma are optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet viewing. It gives users access to all kind of information about the product, while remaining absolutely secure. Slemma could be easily integrated into any third party systems with minimum changes in the code. The basic functions of the service are provided absolutely for free and could be used for business and for education as well.

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