Mediating the Relationship Between the ISP and Gamer

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Today, over 60% of Internet users play video games and it’s safe to say that the industry is booming but why does this percentage matter for Internet Service Providers (ISP)?

For ISP’s, the rise of the video game industry gives a unique opportunity to enter the industry by catering to the needs of existing customers, many of which are more than likely avid gamers. This is where Xsolla steps in; we mediate the relationship between the ISP and the gamer.

Xsolla’s Service for ISP’s

Xsolla is the leading storefront management and billing platform for video game publishing, working with over 500+ game developers from every corner of the world. We would like to offer ISP billing as one of the featured payment methods and want you onboard! If you already have a suitable API, we would be happy to implement it. Otherwise you are welcome to use ours.

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Recently, more and more Internet Service Providers are recognizing the opportunity gaming provides and are letting their users pay for digital media products, including video games, simply through their Internet bill. A few of the ISP’s on board include French operators Alice, Bouygues Telecom, Free, Orange, and SFR (Internet+) as well as the largest ISP in Turkey, TTNET (TTNET Ödeme).


If you are an ISP and are interested in implementing our service to reach out to your gamers, please contact or get in touch with us by filling out the form located here:

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