Xsolla Unity SDK: Complete Storefront Solution for Unity Developers

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Sherman Oaks, CA (USA) – May 21, 2015 – Storefront management and billing provider, Xsolla, is proud to announce the Xsolla Unity SDK which will be available in an entirely new “Billing” category on Unity.

Along with the new category, Unity is adding a new feature to it’s impressive list of services: the first billing plugin for online and client games. Previously available payment and billing plugins on the Asset Store only worked for mobile games, whereas the innovative Xsolla Unity SDK is the first and only (so far) tool for game developers to grow their web-based or client-based project.

The Xsolla Unity SDK is an easy to integrate in-game store management solution that provides a wide range of options for online and free-to-play games. The plugin is ideal for games working with sales of virtual currency, items, bundles and recurring subscription billing. The Xsolla Unity SDK provides a fully localized UI and prices in multiple currencies, as well as an abundance of payment options.

The Xsolla Unity SDK is a simple and convenient product that will help developers to integrate a full-fledged in-game store with features including: a shopping cart, user wallet and powerful analytical tools. Developers have the option of integrating with over 700+ payment methods into the store, which covers almost all possible alternative payment solutions globally.

The Xsolla Unity SDK has a very straightforward and easy integration process which is achieved thanks to clear documentation and extensive support from Xsolla’s managers. The SDK works with multiple platforms including: Windows Phone, Windows, Mac, Web, WebGL, Oculus, Gear VR, Samsung TV.

Launching the Xsolla Unity SDK marks an important step in the history of Xsolla. Thanks to this service, games can finally get a complete in-app store experience with a powerful backend, a medley of in-game marketing options, and easy management tools. It’s a perfect distribution solution for the PC, Web, Mobile or VR games.

“The ideas behind the Xsolla Unity SDK have a lot in common with the business philosophy of Unity Technologies. Developers should get all the money they earn. There’s no need to give half of your revenue to platform holders. This is the only way for the game industry to progress and to give way for fresh, creative games.

Unity 5 is an innovative platform which can be used to port your product to the smartphone, tablet, РС, Web or VR. Going multi-platform is a great way for developers to save money on user acquisition and break free from the constraints of classical app stores. Embracing Unity 5 and the Xsolla Unity SDK will help developers from all over the world to make their game truly global. Xsolla works on various platforms and gives developers a ready storefront solution which they can use to play around with daily sales in-game and various payment methods on multiple platforms.

The Xsolla Unity SDK is a great in-app store solution for big or small games and we’re incredibly happy to make it available to all the Unity developers.”

Aleksandr Agapitov, CEO Xsolla

About Xsolla

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Xsolla is a video game storefront management and billing solution company providing customized monetization solutions for online games. At Xsolla, the goals are to add value to partners with easy and simple integration, a robust and enhanced user experience, fraud protection, chargeback management and higher paid conversions. For more information, visit our website.

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