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How does MasterPass work?

blog-masterpass - xsolla

“The future of digital payments is here.” Nearly two years after MasterCard announced their plans on releasing an innovative payment solution called MasterPass, it has finally become available from late 2014 starting work in Russia. Xsolla covers what MasterPass brings to the table as far as features and services in today’s blog post.

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Outlook for US Digital Games Market: Early 2015

The US digital games market kicked off 2015 with a bang as sales reached an astonishing $1.1 billion, continuing it’s prosperous trend upwards. (SuperData Research)

Top grossing digital January 2015

The $1.1 billion total was achieved as customers frantically purchased all they could afford from the massive digital games sales towards the end of 2014. Easy-access gaming platforms such as Steam only aided in the prosperity of the US digital games market as the platform laid out the industry’s best games for the lowest costs you could find, all in one convenient location.

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