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If you are attending a gameshow and would like to set up a meeting with Xsolla: 

  • Email

If you are a developer:

Welcome! You are probably wondering how to start cooperation with Xsolla.. right? How can you contact us?

  • We recommend you to try the “affiliate account“. To do this, go to the official website Xsolla, click on «Partner Login» and complete the registration process.

  • Call +1 (818) 435-6613.

  • Write to

  • If you are interested in being featured for an interview on our blog, please contact Ernest Chung, our Marketing Manager at

If you are a user:

How do I pay for a pet project? How long does it take for a particular payment to go through? These and all other questions you may have can be answered promptly by specialists from  technical support . Average search time – 1 minute.

  • Call the hotline 24/7 – +1 (818) 435-6613.

  • Instant Message via online chat.

  • Email

22 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Will says:

    Hi, just wanted to say I’d really love to see Dogecoin supported! Cheers, -Will

    • Ernest Chung says:

      Hello Will! Thanks for your comment. We see many people, including yourself, are quite excited about Dogecoin and we are definitely looking into the possibility of implementing this payment method. As of now there is not much news to report but in the near future, things may change. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. A twitch user says:

    Please add dogecoin to twitch.

  3. Please start accepting Dogecoin.

    • Ernest Chung says:

      Hello Marcus. We are working on implementing Dogecoin in the near future and will announce the news when the process starts rolling so keep up with us! Thanks for your suggestion. Have a great day!

  4. Mark says:

    Hi, I would find it extremely useful to be able to pay for subscriptions and other services using Dogecoin. If you could add this along Bitcoin to your payment processing it would open up your partners to a large community of digital payment users.

    Thank you.

    • Ernest Chung says:

      Hello Mark. Thanks for reaching out to us and letting us know of your desire to pay with Dogecoin. Now that Bitcoin has been implemented, we can see the excitement and adoption of crypto-currency and we will definitely be in contact with Dogecoin and hopefully, implement it into our system in the near future. Once again thanks for stopping by and have a great one!

  5. Can you please accept Dogecoin for Twitch subscriptions? This well greatly increase your user-base.

    Thank you very much for taking this into consideration.


    • Ernest Chung says:

      Hello Grain. Thanks for stopping by and informing us of your desired payment method. We will do our best to implement Dogecoin in the near future. I have commented on the Dogecoin Subreddit post (Linked to: Twitch’s Blog Post) as well essentially saying the same thing but it seems it was buried by the doges. Cheers!

  6. Jackie says:


    Can u plz accept Groestlcoin for Twitch subscriptions? Thanks for taking this into consideration.


  7. Groestlcoin says:

    Hi there,

    Can u add Groestlcoin to twitch

  8. Groestlcoin Dev says:


    just popped in to say I’d really love to see Groestlcoin supported!



  9. Micheal says:


    Consider adding groestlcoin to twitch plz

    thanks in advance

  10. Boris says:


    Can you add Groestlcoin to your payment system?


  11. rinus says:

    Please start accepting Groestlcoin

  12. Geert says:

    Add acceptation of GroestlCoin please

  13. benzo says:

    Good afternoon,

    Consider adding Groestlcoin to Xsolla.


  14. alexander says:

    Hi,was wondering why it`s no longer possible to pay with an paysafecard to buy golden eagles for warthunder

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