graviteam_logoGraviteam is a game development studio based in Kharkov, Ukraine. The studio specializes in developing strategic war-games with a strong sense of realism.

The Graviteam Engine

The company’s own 3D engine is used for the development of all projects. The engine features:

  • A high performance and quality render, capable of real-time displaying of numerous 3D objects, applying different visual effects: SSAO, HDR, tone mapping, deferred lightning and shading, atmospheric effects, flares, dynamic lightning, real-time terramorphing.
  • Automatic realistic landscape generation with surface size over 100 sq. km.
  • Progressive physical simulation, allowing simulation of various machine types with different kinds of movers: wheeled, half-tracked, fully-tracked, amphibian, flying and railway. Inner mechanisms, engine, transmission and suspension is also simulated.
  • Ballistics, a wide range of weapons, different kinds of machinery damages is simulated.
  • AI elements like: environment pathfinding, situationally determined decision making, soldiers and crews behaviour simulation.
  • Support of dynamic-platform training systems.
  • Exercise reports and error diagnostics.
  • Different projection modes support with various configurations of internal and external monitors.
  • Several training complexes joint work for cooperative education.
  • Various hardware sensors, actuators and controls support.
  • Instructor’s work place for educative process management.
  • Many tools and automation service-programs.

Games: Droid Vanguard

Droid Vanguard is a simple yet thoughtful tactics game set in a futuristic setting. You use a telepathic interface to control a droid platoon. Control your mighty droid unit and utilize many droid types available to win in combat using various tactics. Watch how perspective military technology from the near future unfolds on your enemy! Launch offensive on the all-powerful Control Tower in three single-player nonlinear campaigns. Compete with friends in fierce multiplayer battles.


Collect plenty of achievements as you fight your way to the objective with various upgradable weapons and vehicles. Improve your tactical skills by learning to use differentiated armor, destructible terrain features optimally. Plan your upgrade path considering tremendously raising unit costs.

droid_02--800x450aThe demo version is available for free download at Droid Vanguard Demo

The Full Version is available for $5 and features:

  • All campaign missions unlocked (demo is restricted up to the middle of the map horizontally).
  • Mission saving and loading allowed in the editor.
  • Third level of AI available.
  • No “demo version” label.
  • Tank, UACCV and Controlled bomb become available in the editor.
  • Larger map sizes in the editor.
  • Technology branches for 50 or more points become available.
  • Multiplayer mode.

Games: Graviteam Tactics Mius-Front



Graviteam Tactics: Mius Front is a realistic war-game with advanced simulation elements covering the Eastern Front in the summer of 1943. Features of the game include:

  • Large, precisely recreated battlefield near the Mius river in southern Ukraine.
  • Carefully modelled vehicles that took part in the battles.
  • Detailed and realistic simulation of a battlefield, realistic ballistics, and armor simulation.
  • Many advanced tactical features, like smoke shields, night flares, tactical diagrams, and advanced orders.
  • Operational and tactical modes including a dynamic campaign.
  • Interactive vehicle encyclopedia.

Graviteam (R)

Download the full Graviteam Press Kit

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