Woozworld: Your Virtual Social Network.

Welcome to Woozworld, an exciting, fun, and unique virtual world and social network for tweens/preteens and teens! Our massive multiplayer virtual world is FREE to join–and it’s easy!

Create your avatar, play online and build your limitless world. Our world is the coolest place to hang-out, meet new friends and have the absolute best time in a safe environment. You can choose your own look, design your place, set new trends, throw amazing parties and games, compete in awesome contests and even run your own business.

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Customize your character to digitize yourself!

Company: Woozworld Inc

Developed in 2009, Woozworld Inc created and operates Woozworld.com, a Web 2.0 innovative virtual social network, specifically designed to answer the needs and expectations of tweens (8 to 14 years).

Possessing solid and recognized expertise and having the advantage of sustained growth, Woozworld Inc. received Series A financing in the amount of $3M in May 2010 from iNovia and ID Capital, a division of Groupe Telesystem.

Woozworld Inc. is the child of a recent spin-off of Tribal Nova Inc., a development studio based in Montreal known as a leader in virtual world development and online gaming services for youth

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Woozworld Inc. has created a unique hybrid between a social network and virtual world that allows tweens to interact and engage with each other and express their social skills. In this universe, which they have built together, kids create, exchange, support each other and have fun. Thus making Woozworld a true reflection of their dreams and values.

Their creativity and dedication are remarkable. In only a few months, they created no less than two million virtual spaces and organized numerous events: theme parks, games, parties, support group, charitable events and so much more!

The growth of the Woozworld community has been phenomenal. In 2010, less than one year after its official launch, the company announced that the Woozworld environment consisted of 2.4 million avatars in more than 80 countries and more than two million Unitz (virtual spaces) created by the users.

  • More than 25 million profiles (avatars) created (June 2014).
  • More than 29 million Unitz (virtual spaces) created (June 2014).
  • 375 million virtual goods in circulation (June 2014).

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One thought on “Woozworld

  1. Toufik says:

    My name in WoozWorld French: toufik.

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