To help gaming companies monetize and promote their games Xsolla introduces the all-new Channeling deal. This offer includes a wide range of services – payments, billing, marketing, analytics and customer support – all at All Inclusive fee of 40%.

Digital Distribution

Xsolla’s white label PIN-code distribution platform was designed to help game developers get more exposure, enter new markets that seemed out of reach, and increase sales in the existing markets. It provides tools for acquiring users through a wide network of distribution channels and monetizing organic traffic more effectively.


Xsolla is proud to present advanced technical solution for game publishers with fraud, refund and player support problems. It is ideally suited for games using credit cards, PayPal, Google Checkout and Amazon Checkout.


Start selling pin-codes, virtual currency, offline/online games with nationwide coverage in Brazil. Get access to over 3000 retail stores, all banks and local credit cards with Xsolla.